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Tales of Arise: A Complete Guide to Autelina’s Palace

Autelina Palace is the third main dungeon in Tales of Arise. Although it is much shorter than the two that preceded it, there is still a lot to do.

After having defeated Lord Dohalim in the underground lake at Razum Quarry, Autelina Palace ends up being one of the shortest dungeons in Tales of Arise. As players will already know from their previous visit, the Palace has only two floors, and to make things even simpler, the first is completely closed upon return of the group.

The most adventurous Tales of Arise Players will have probably already looted the palace for its many treasures on their previous visit, but it’s worth noting that there are some new ones available this time. With this in mind, those who wish to collect everything should make sure to return to previously explored rooms just to make sure they don’t miss out on anything good.

Updated November 7, 2021 by Tom Bowen: Compared to some of the other dungeons in Tales of Arise, Autelina Palace is incredibly straightforward. That said, figuring out where to find the Lord’s Quarters key can be a bit tricky, as can defeating the main palace boss. This guide will not only explain where to find the Lord’s Quarters key and how to beat Venoflage, but they also provide insight into some of the other notable items that can be found in the palace and where players need to go after having dealt with Dohalim’s treacherous advisor Kelzalik.

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Autelina Palace – 2F

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The first floor of the palace is tightly closed, so players need to head straight to the second floor. You will immediately notice that the entrance to the Lord’s Chamber has been blocked by a red force field. Law cannot take it down, so the group must deactivate it using the terminal in Lord’s Quarters.

To find the key to Dohalim’s bedroom, players will need to read two notes: one in the barracks and the other in the meeting room. By doing so, they will learn that there is a secret Duplicate key to the lord’s rooms hidden in a cabinet on the far side of the office. While they are there, they must also collect the Noble Room Key from the desktop.

Before heading to the Lord’s Quarters, players must go through the Staff Quarters, where they will find the Treasure Key: Earth and 1,200 gald on the ground. Players can also find some Topaz Guard armor for Kisara in the Guard Room and some Saffron that grows in the Noble Room. In the Treasury, they will find Shionne’s Cocktail dress armor, as well as a Elixir.

Almost every room on this floor has healing and food items, though many also have enemies, so whether it’s worth the extra effort for a few gels and a little meat will depend on the player. When they are ready, they must use the duplicate Lord’s Quarters key to enter Dohalim’s room and break down the barrier using the terminal. There is also a healing light here, which players should use if their CP is running low.

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Fight Venoflage boss

Upon entering the Lord’s Chamber, players will be able to enjoy a short cutscene in which Kelzalik reveals himself to be the true villain behind the gap. However, before the party can do anything about it, they summon a Venoflage and a short and surprisingly simple battle ensues.

Boss tip: Using Kisara’s Boost Strike when Venoflage charges will momentarily stun him; allowing players to dish out a bit of extra damage.

Although the Zeugle is large, it is deceptively fast and also has the ability to turn invisible to avoid detection. However, its invisibility is somewhat useless, as computer-controlled party members can see through it. Using Boost Strikes will make it quickly visible again anyway, and destroying the orange crystal on its tail will lead to a period of increased vulnerability.

Once the Venoflage has been taken care of, Dohalim will appear and banish Kelzalik from the realm. He also announces that the people of Elde Menancia have come together to reclaim the capital and put an end to the villain’s evil plan. He then retires as Lord and eventually ends up joining the group.

Where to go after the Autelina Palace

After resting at Viscint’s inn, Kisara and Dohalim will join the party and the six heroes will set out together for the next kingdom, Mahag Saar. Your first new destination will be Talka Pond Road, which can be reached via the new accessible road in the southern part of Viscint. Here, players will finally learn how to fish and will also be able to find Owl # 21 turning right immediately after entering the area.

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To continue the main story, players will need to head south, which will soon lead to Mount Dhiara and the mountain path. Here, you can find a blue chest that contains 7.300 gald near the fishing pond and lots of healing items scattered around the area. By Rinwell Stonewing Mage Cloak It can also be found inside a red chest by going down the ladder and exploring the Cavern area below.

Taking the western exit will lead to the Ridge area, where players can find a merchant and camp. However, instead of heading this way, they should head south to the base of Mount Dhiara. After a few cutscenes and a short survival battle with the mysterious swordsman from earlier, players must exit the Mountain Base via the path facing southeast, which will lead them directly to the kingdom of Mahag Saar.

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