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Switch OLED momentum wiped out PS5’s top spot in UK | LevelUp

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The battle for the most important markets is increasing in tone in the console sector and since the new generation of PlayStation and Xbox began, it was known that they would compete with the successful Nintendo Switch. Last September, PlayStation 5 took the first position in the United Kingdom after a drop in the sales of the hybrid console, however, it seems that Nintendo has well measured its movements as the debut of Switch OLED returned things to the state in which they were. they found.

Where are you going, PlayStation 5? OLED switch is the UK leader

Today the report of console sales in the United Kingdom was revealed, courtesy of GfK, corresponding to October 2021. In it, he realizes what appears to be a tense dispute over the title of the best-selling console between Nintendo and Sony, since The reign of the PlayStation 5 only lasted 1 month, as the hybrid console family has retaken the top spot. According to the information, the debut of the Switch OLED gave Nintendo enough momentum to return to the top representing 43% of the total sales of the console, which also includes the standard and Lite models.

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Nintendo has calculated its movements very well and the OLED Switch is a success

Thanks to these results, Switch was the best-selling console of October in the United Kingdom, showing that Switch OLED is fulfilling an important mission for the Japanese company.

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For its part, PlayStation 5 was the second best-selling console of October in the United Kingdom, while Xbox Series S ranked third, leaving Xbox Series X in fourth place.

The OLED Switch has been a success since its launch despite criticism, specifically due to the lack of improvements at the hardware level and being just a change of screen and some design details. Despite this, the hybrid console model has been very well received by the market and is shaping up to break through the holiday season.

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