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SteamWorld will bring its 2D charm to the 3D world with a new action adventure | LevelUp

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Today was a very special day for the followers of the developer and distributor Thunderful Games, especially for the fans of the series SteamWorldThe sixth game in the franchise was revealed, bringing the charm of the 2D franchise completely to the 3D world for the first time.

Thunderful Games held the Thunderful Live Stream, in which they shared news about their projects. Months ago, the company revealed that it was working on several new games in the series. SteamWorld, so at least 2 titles would be in development. Well, today the first one was unveiled, SteamWorld HeadHunter.

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What is it SteamWorld HeadHunter?

The franchise SteamWorld It started as a tower defense and strategy game, but it has been able to adapt to different genres, such as platformers (SteamWorld Dig) and even card role-playing games (SteamWorld Quest: Hand of Gilgamesh). The series will once again venture into a new genre with SteamWorld HeadHunter, a stylized and colorful co-op action adventure with a third-person perspective, which will represent a fresh direction for the series and will be a direct sequel to SteamWorld Dig 2.

Not many details were offered about the story of SteamWorld HeadHunter or the game mechanics, but the first teaser suggests that it will have a gameplay mechanic that involves the exchange of autonomous heads, so that different robotic bodies could be used.

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When will it be ready SteamWorld Headhunter?

We remind you that Image & Form, the original study in charge of the series, was completely annexed to Thunderful, the company on whose behalf the development of the new game is run, so it is very likely that the new project will be in charge of experienced creatives of the series .

The fact that a release date or window has not been announced and the platforms it will reach suggests that SteamWorld Heist is far from ready. Despite this, the company shared published concept art of this proposal and a great animated trailer and hopes to share more details of this new project soon. We will keep you informed.

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