Wednesday, December 7

Several Bethesda games faced outages today

Several Bethesda games claimed to be down, but the developer and publisher report that the servers are now online for players to enjoy.

The gaming community has been reporting issues with various Bethesda games today, and the gaming giant has responded ever since. Players have shared that they cannot log in. Fallout 76, have problems with Fallout 4 mods, and I can’t enjoy the likes of The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim O DOOM Eterno. According to Bethesda support, several games were hit by outages today.

Game server outages can be very daunting. It’s pretty unpleasant to expect to be enjoying a gaming session after a long day at work or with friends on the weekend only to be stopped by servers that have crashed. That seems to have been the case for some Bethesda titles today. But the problems, apparently and fortunately, were short-lived.

According to the Twitter page @BethesdaSupport, several titles were affected by an outage earlier today. However, it appears that the issue has since been addressed and fixed. After initially sharing the news, Bethesda recently followed up with another tweet to inform fans that the systems are fully operational. The hope is that it was a simple setback and nothing more. There are cases where server problems like this can last much longer. In the case of Little big planet server problems, the problems persisted for months as it turned out to be a DDOS attack and not a simple problem.

With a game like Fallout 76 being always online, an interruption directly affects the game. However, there are titles that are not online that players can get confused about not being able to play if a server is down, such as DOOM Eterno O The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim. The idea of ​​being excluded from solo experiences is why there have often been complaints about the idea of ​​”always online” servers. In this case, modifications and online experiences seem to have been the most affected.

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One of the most impressive offerings across all games over the last 18 months was Microsoft’s acquisition of Bethesda, which meant, among many things, that Xbox Game Pass players will be able to play Bethesda games. That also needs something like an online connection to verify the subscription. Fortunately, it appears that Bethesda’s outage was short-lived and players can quickly get back into action. Over the years, there have been some nasty cuts, attacks, and more in the gaming world. This damage is not too drastic if it is simply a few hours without Fallout 76.

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