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REPORT: Sony lowers its production expectation for PlayStation 5 | LevelUp

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The fact that the pandemic has subsided in many parts of the world does not mean that everything has returned to normal, since the different supply, production and distribution chains are still affected and this is expected to continue during 2022. Unfortunately, the new generation consoles are some of those affected by this situation and a few moments ago information was revealed that will not go down well for those who are looking for a PlayStation 5.

The shortage of components does not give up and already affected the PlayStation 5

Takashi Mochizuki, reportero de Bloomberg (via Reuters), shared information that is being handled by sources familiar with the production chains of the video game industry, which indicates that Sony has made the decision to reduce its PS5 production expectation for the current fiscal year. In accordance with this, the Japanese company would have confirmed that the production and distribution chains are still affected and this has led them to leave their expectation of 16 million, leaving it at, at most, 15 million by the end of the current fiscal year that will end in March 2022.

PS5 shortage could worsen in 2022

With 1 million fewer units on the market, the PS5 shortage is expected to continue until 2022, due to problems with the availability of components necessary to make the console, an industry that also has its own difficulties after the pandemic.

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Although it is not yet official, there are signs that suggest it, such as the fact that Sony is sending PS5 units by air to the United Kingdom, this to meet the demand of the season as much as possible. of parties. However, this is a special case as transporting the consoles in this way is expensive and cannot be considered a permanent option.

In the same way, Sony opened a registry in the United States so that players can buy a PS5, but the company reported from the outset that there will be few units for the holiday season.

So far, it is known that PS5 in its standard model, with disc, is no longer sold at a loss, not the digital one, after exceeding 10 million units sold.

In this way, it seems that the outlook for PS5 and those looking for one will continue to be a nightmare in some places, making way for hoarders and resale.

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