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Red Dead Redemption 2’s night sky detail is much more realistic than previous Rockstar titles

Rockstar has been noted for its level of realism in many of its open world titles, specifically in the detail of the night sky that can be found in RDR2.

Fans of Red Dead Redemption 2 He knows very well the level of detail that Rockstar Games has woven into its western cowboys sequel. Compared to its predecessor Red Dead Redemptionand other open world Rockstar titles like Grand Theft Auto serie, Red Dead Redemption 2 stands out with its stunning backgrounds and incredibly thoughtful details.

This level of detail is not limited to ground level. Rockstar’s attempt to replicate a 20th century western world in the wilderness of America also extends to the stars, displaying a realistic star map of the Northern Hemisphere that rotates with the night. Rockstar has come a long way from the ridiculously oversized static moons of the early days. GTA titles, which filled almost a quarter of the night sky.

The night sky in early GTA titles

Early 2000s Grand Theft Auto the titles were far from the realistic environments of modern Rockstar games. Cast through the stratosphere in a squeaky manner, the first GTA The moon was something fans came to love, despite its inability to progress through the phases of a natural lunar cycle. Instead, it appeared and disappeared from view, always fixed in the same position. A well-liked trick was that if a player used a sniper rifle to shoot at the moon, the size would increase. After shooting several times, the moon would decrease, resembling a more accurate size.

The night sky in GTA 5

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Evolving from the previous installments, Grand Theft Auto 5 introduced an improved moon that has enough detail to describe it as realistic. This enhanced moon also follows the natural lunar cycle that was absent in previous games, rewarding players with atmospheric shots of a waning crescent moon fading into a midnight blue background. Rockstar also added light pollution to the environment of GTA 5, making the stars more visible to players once they leave Los Santos and venture into the hills of Blaine County. Light pollution was not a big problem during the cowboy era, however there is still a touch of it in Red Dead Redemption 2St Denis.

The night sky in Red Dead Redemption

The original Red Dead Redemption, launched in 2010, showed an improvement in its night sky from the beginning Grand Theft Auto Titles. With a moon similar in size to the one found in GTA 5 With a sporadic layer of faint stars, Rockstar creates a lonely atmosphere that its players can feel, surrounded by a cacophony of background crickets. However, compared to its successor, RDR1 It barely scratches the surface of how realistic an open night sky can be.

The majority Red Dead Redemption 2 fans have looked up at the night sky during the game and admired its beautiful details. Across New Austin, Ambarino, and other regions of the map, Rockstar includes shots of the Milky Way and actual star constellations that appear in the night sky throughout the Northern Hemisphere. One easily identifiable is Orion’s belt, which marks an elongated cross with five bright stars very close to the horizon. Heaven in RDR2 It also rotates, following the daytime motion of the star constellations as they crawl across the sky in real life.

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As mentioned above, light pollution has a role to play in how well players can see the details of the night sky. Around the city of Saint Denis, in addition to the air being more foggy than in other areas of the map, the stars are less defined and the Milky Way is difficult to see. The moonlight also drowns out the brightness of the surrounding stars as it changes through the eight moon phases introduced by Rockstar in GTA 5.

Rockstar has reached a higher level of realism with each new title released, with Red Dead Redemption 2 taking the reins. Players can really get a feel for what it was like to wander a vast desert under the clear stars of the mountains, listening to the distant howl of wolves. It’s interesting to see how Rockstar’s approach to night sky detail has changed so dramatically over the years, and fans can be sure to expect something equally impressive in future titles.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is available for PC, PS4, Stadia, and Xbox One.

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