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Rainbow Six Extraction Confirms Release Date; it won’t cost $ 60 USD | LevelUp

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Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction, originally baptized Rainbow Six Quarantine, was due to hit stores in 2021, but a few months ago it suffered a delay that moved its launch window to next year. Luckily, players who wanted to enjoy this cooperative title will not have to wait long to do so, as Ubisoft confirmed a new release date and other very interesting details.

A few weeks ago, Ubisoft leaked what appeared to be the new release date for this project. However, at that time the company did not release any official statement, so players expressed skepticism and thought it was a mere placeholder. Luckily, the leak turned out to be real.

Specifically, the French company revealed today that Rainbow Six Extraction It will debut on January 30, 2022, the same day it appeared in the leak. In addition, he confirmed that the standard version will cost only $ 39.99 USD, while a deluxe edition, which includes 3 bonus packages, will be priced at $ 49.99 USD.

You can play Rainbow Six Extraction for free for a limited time

If you’re not entirely sure if you want to give this title a shot, you’ll be happy to hear that Ubisoft will let you try it for free for a limited time on one condition.

What happens is that the French company confirmed that all copies of Rainbow Six Extraction They will include 2 Buddy Passes, allowing players to invite up to 2 friends to try the game for a 14-day trial period at no additional cost.

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It is important to note that users will be able to invite their friends regardless of the platform on which they play, as the invitation pass will be cross-platform. Additionally, progress made during the trial period will be available in the full game if players decide to purchase it.

Rainbow Six Extraction It will be available for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, PC and Google STADIA from next January 20. You will find more news related to this title if you click here.

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