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PS5 supply will be tighter in the coming months, according to Bloomberg

Get hold of a PlayStation 5, whether in the standard 500 model with Blu-ray reader or the 400 digital edition, it has been difficult since its launch in Spain on November 19, 2020. The Sony console has only been sold through online stores in which the stock disappears in minutes, if not seconds. And things are not going to improve. According to reports Bloomberg, Sony Group Corporation ha reduced their forecasts of manufactured consoles for the next few months due to lack of supply of components and log problems.

The American media cites “people familiar with operations” from the Japanese company to report the reduction in production. Sony expect to manufacture 16 million consoles in the fiscal year ending March 2022, but that number has reduced to 15 million. Those sources qualify as “difficult”, according to the US newspaper, for Sony to reach the 14.8 million PS5 sold in the expected fiscal year after this change.

Hiroki Totoki, financial director Sony, informed investors on October 28, always according to the aforementioned newspaper, that the logistics and component supply problems have increased for the Japanese company. The CFO warned that a new outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic could impact the supply of components.

Sony production centers are in countries where the distribution of covid-19 vaccines is uneven, making unpredictable supply of components needed to build the console. The assembly lines contact daily, according to Bloomberg, with component manufacturers to verify if orders will arrive at the expected time, something that does not always happen.

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PS5 components

The article quotes an executive from a Japanese publisher game that points out that they are seeing how some players who used to buy their PlayStation games are increasingly moving to the PC edition. Weekly sales of Famitsu show week after week that games best sellers are usually for Nintendo Switch and / or for PS4, but PS5 titles rarely appear.

PS5 sales are slowing down

Sony has distributed 13.4 million PS5s as of September 2021. The company had the best second quarter in its history. In July, Sony announced that the PS5 was its fastest console to reach 10 million units sold. However the pace of last-gen consoles sold has slowed.

PlayStation 5

On March had sold 200,000 PS5 more than PS4 in the same period after its launch, but in the period from April to June the trend took a turn (10.1 million for PS5 versus 10.4 for PS4) and in the last quarter the difference in favor of PS4 increased up to 400,000 units.

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