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Pokémon: all the exclusive Pokémon of the Isle of Armor shield and how to get them

There are 3 exclusive Shield Pokémon found in and around The Isle of Armor. Here’s what they are and how to get them!

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Version exclusive Pokémon have been a feature throughout the many generations of the main series of Pokemon games. This has forced trainers to trade with their friends to fully complete their Pokedex, which has become increasingly difficult due to there being a ton of different species in Pokemon sword and shield.

With the Isle of Armor DLC came the return of some fan-favorite species such as Heracross, as well as the adorable single-type Skrelp and Dragalge, but these 3 only appear in the Pokemon shield version of The Isle of Armor. If players need to give their team a Bug-type boost or boost their Poison-type power, they should consider looking for these pocket monsters.

Where to find Heracross in the Isle of Armor DLC

This Generation 2 Bug and Fighting-type Pokémon can be a great option to add some muscle to the team. This species can be found in 3 locations on The Isle of Armor.

How to find Heracross in the Training Lowlands

There is a 5% chance in any weather condition of encountering a Heracross as a visible encounter in tall grass. People found this way will be between level 10 and level 15.

In the large open field next to a pond and beach, trainers can spot a level 28 Heracross in a wandering encounter, but only during sunlight.

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However, another wandering Heracross from level 28 can be found, this one is found near a clearing near a lair. This individual can appear both during strong sunlight and on a clear day.

How to find Heracross on the path of challenge

At the top of the second ladder, Trainers can run into a wandering Level 26 Heracross if severe sunlight weather conditions are active.

How to find Heracross in the Forest of Focus

As they approach the border with the relaxing wetlands area, players can spot a level 26 Heracross wandering in the intense sunlight.

To the northwest of the central pool of this location, players can see another level 26 Heracross wandering near a berry tree. Again, they can only be found during strong sunlight.

To the west, on the other side of the second bridge from this area, Trainers have the potential to find an additional level 26 wandering Heracross if the sunlight is strong. Not far from this location, a little north of the second bridge, a final wandering Heracross of level 26 can be found in similar condition.

Where to find Skrelp and Dragalge in the Isle of Armor DLC

Skrelp, the Poison and Water-type Pokémon evolves into Poison and Dragon-type Dragalge, the latter of which has a very rare combination of types. Both were introduced in Generation 6 and are well loved for their interesting designs.

The way to find Skrelp and Dragalge

Both are found in the same areas as the other in the Isle of Armor DLC during all weather conditions, albeit with different encounter rates. Skrelp will always spawn at 5% chance and Dragalge at 1% chance while the player navigates on the surface of the water. Also, both Pokémon will be between level 40 and level 45 when found this way. Here are the 4 areas of water that players can find Skrelp and Dragalge in the Isle of Armor expansion:

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Pokemon shield is available on Nintendo Switch.

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