Wednesday, December 7

Pokémon 25th Anniversary Celebrations Continue with Limited Edition Baccarat Crystal Pikachu

And also a Poke Ball and a smaller crystal figure.

Pokémon is still celebrating its 25th anniversary, and like all 25-year-olds, it’s getting pretty wild. First, it was Pokémon-themed skateboards courtesy of Bear Walker, and now you’ll have to juggle delicate crystal figures as you skate around town thanks to this new product line from French manufacturer Baccarat.

Called Pokemon X Baccarat, the line includes two crystal Pikachu figures and a crystal Poke Ball with gold mesh in the middle. Pricing was not released, but since Baccarat only deals with crystal mined from its hometown and has been around since the 18th century, it probably won’t be cheap.

We’ll start with Pikachu Fragment, a limited edition large glass figurine created with the help of Japanese artist Hiroshi Fujiwara. It has the general outline of Pikachu, but its multifaceted surface does not provide the same level of detail as the other smaller figure. However, it does have an engraved Electric logo and “towering dimensions,” which appear to be roughly the same size as a football.

Only 25 of these crystal Pikachu statues will be made, and when they disappear, they will be gone forever.

Pikachu Medium is a much friendlier looking design. It has the same classic characteristics as the Pikachu in the game (at least, from the third or fourth generation anyway), and it has a smiling, open-armed expression that is much more attractive.

Glass Pikachu Medium and Poke Ball figurines make ideal paperweights, according to Baccarat, or can simply be placed decoratively anywhere in your home. For more information, head over to Baccarat’s website.

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If you prefer a Pokémon gift with a more festive theme, the Pokémon Center has a new line of products that would be perfect for decorating the hallways with joy and stuff. There are all-new Christmas-themed Pokemon plushies, new Delibird Express figures (which aren’t made of glass), and tons of Christmas-themed clothing including ugly Christmas sweaters, T-shirts, pajamas, and more.

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