Wednesday, December 7

PlayStation Updates PS Store to Enable Wish List Push Notifications

PlayStation has updated the PS Store with a feature that should have been included during the PS4 era. Players will now receive notifications about game sales on their PS Store wish list.

The game company tweeted multiple international accounts on Wednesday documenting what the PS Store update has to offer. The only qualm is that no one knew if they had the wishlist feature all the time or if it is new based on the context of the tweet below. Regardless, PlayStation wanted gamers to know that they will now receive notifications about discounts for the PS5 and PS4 games they added to their wish list.

But Square push warns that the new wish list notification feature will not activate on its own the moment you turn on the console. There are some simple steps to take before you are asked about a price drop. First, you will need to click on the Settings button located in the upper right corner of the PS5 start menu and scroll down to Notifications. Then you need to scroll down until you find the wishlist updates and click on the tab to determine when the notifications should appear. From there, you can activate them and decide if they can appear during gameplay, while watching videos, or in the middle of a Twitch stream.

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It no longer matters if the wishlist notification feature is new or was on our PS5 consoles all along, as not everyone noticed it to begin with. What matters now is that PlayStation managed to save our energy of intermittently scrolling through the PS Store for discounts on games to add to our ever-expanding order book by informing us about wishlist notifications.

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