Wednesday, December 7

Nintendo reveals more new LEGO Super Mario expansion sets

Nintendo and LEGO announce that four more Super Mario-themed Expansion LEGO sets are coming in the future.

Nintendo’s collaboration with LEGO has been an absolutely monumental success for both companies. The launch of the Super Mario LEGO sets have seen massive sales, along with many other expansion sets. This includes a LEGO set based on Super mario 64, which comes with several different items and courses from the original game. It’s no wonder Nintendo and LEGO are capitalizing on this success, with four new expansion sets coming out in the near future.

News of these upcoming sets came just after the surprise announcement last Halloween that Nintendo would produce three Luigi’s mansion LEGO themed sets. These provide several different items and items based on the Green Mustache Brother spin-off, such as the LEGO versions of the ghostly enemies, Luigi’s mad scientist partner Professor E. Gadd, and even his trusty Poltergust. While the Luigi’s mansion set does not have a set release date, these four new Super Mario Expansion sets will arrive next year.

These expansion sets were revealed via Nintendo’s official twitter, detailing that things added include “beach challenges, flying fun, and even more characters” according to legend. Fittingly, all of these outfits appear to be based on some of the beach-themed water levels in the Super Mario series, as evidenced by the blue blocks that represent water. Included in these sets are many water-themed enemies and allies, such as Dorrie.

One of the sets will also feature something generally associated with one of his enemies, the clown car that flies Bowser Jr. This will come in its own “Bowser Jr Clown Car Expansion Game” that Mario can fit into, where even It comes with the same boxing arm accessories on the side, as well as a LEGO Bob-bomb enemy. The “LEGO Super Mario Character Packs” will feature a host of enemies, including Mechakoopa, Freezie and Ant Trooper, among others.

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All four of these sets are scheduled to come out in early 2022, adding to some already very popular LEGO sets released. Nintendo’s continued success with the Mario Ownership shows how much attention is paid to it. From the The world of Super Mario The theme park expansion, the next animated movie, these LEGO sets, there’s a lot fans can look forward to. Some fans commented on the tweet in the hope that some of Nintendo’s other properties may also receive a similar LEGO treatment in the near future.

the Super Mario Expansion The LEGO sets will launch in early 2022.

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