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How video games are tested before they are released • Console and Board

Before a video game is released, it must go through a long testing process. When there is an acceptable version to work on, the title is given to the video game testers, also known as testers.

Contrary to what it seems, it is a complicated profession and not as well paid as many imagine.

In these lines we are going to highlight the role of these testers before a video game is launched on the market.

a video game tester O tester is a person who is in charge of controlling the quality of a video game. Your main job is to break it; that is to say, look for errors.

To do this, they are responsible for interacting with the different elements of the game, in a way that the developers did not expect or had been able to anticipate.

For example, they will have to climb on impossible objects, spend a world with the character walking backwards, shoot at textures, try to go through walls, take advantage of cracks, and when other related detail.

As you can imagine, in certain titles there are millions of shares. These actions will have to be tested by the game testers to determine that everything works perfectly.

The weather what is needed will depend on each title. You have to consider that the only way for them to complete their task is if they have tried all the combinations.

Let’s imagine that we are talking about a fighting game: the player will have to use all the players to face the rest at all levels and kill. If there were 10 characters, and they face each other, it results in 100 fights. If there were 10 scenarios, the number of fights would be 100.

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To this amount we will also have to add the amount of movements and blows that each fighter can do.

Given this large amount of work, there are various testers who are responsible for working on each part of the game. For example, if you had to test a Grand Thef Auto, a particular Tester may only be able to test one 10% of the game.
Once the fault is found, the tester needs it replicate to be able to report it. Thus, detailed instructions can be given to the developer to remove it.

What does it take to become a video game tester?

Do you think the video game tester job is for you? These are some of the requirements that you must fulfill:

• Pay special attention to details: the tester will have to be able to analyze even the smallest detail in any game.

•Habilidad: it takes a certain skill to function in games, to be able to advance from phase more quickly.

•Creativo: it is important that the tester is creative, since all possible ways of break a game.

•I work under pressure: video game developers work with very tight dates. The developer must be able to move on those deadlines.

• Ability to adapt: keep in mind that the tester does not decide which game to try, but he may have anything to do with it. Don’t expect to see yourself trying the latest title of Mortal Kombat. It is possible that someone less known will touch you.

Now you know how video games are tested and why the role of testers is so important before launching any title on the market.

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