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How to transfer and loan players in Football Manager 2022

If you’re up for the challenge of taking over a club that plays poorly in Football Manager 2022, one of the most important steps you can take towards greatness is transferring some of your disappointing players. Unfortunately, the process of actually negotiating with another club can take several mock days and it asks you to go through various menus to make sure the transfer goes through. Here’s how you’ll ship players in this latest installment.

Send to Transfer List and create an offer

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Initially, transferring or borrowing your own players can only be done through the Squad tab on the left pop-up screen. From here, click on your unwanted player and move to their Transfer options located at the top of the screen. You can get an idea of ​​the interest of other clubs and possible offers in the lower left of this design (as shown above). Typically, the more successful clubs that are interested are willing to overpay, while the smaller league teams can make a disappointing offer.

The right side of this screen contains various tools that allow you to place a specific player on the transfer or loan list, while also setting the minimum price they would accept. However, you can take a more direct approach by choosing the “Offer to clubs” option to plot the exact rates and clauses you would like to set.

Negotiating the perfect deal

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Once a transfer or loan offer is submitted, simulate a few days and you should find a message in the Inbox tab of the opposing team’s GM main menu stating your level of interest. If he accepts the initial offer, this move still has the possibility of not being made if the player does not reach an agreement with the team.

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In this case, we have considered that it is better to go ahead and send a similar offer to another interested club, since the deal is done most of the time.

Lastly, as this process can get too tedious, we recommend that you eventually place players on the unwanted list (also found on any player’s Transfer tab). Ultimately, this allows you to organize all player offers through the main Transfer Market without having to constantly search for them in the Squad menu.

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