Sunday, December 4

HammerHelm makes the leap to Epic • Console and Dashboard

After passing through Steam, HammerHelm just debuted on the Epic Games Store. It means welcoming other PC gamers who love city building.


A city-building RPG from SuperSix Studios and SOEDESCO. This is how this proposal is defined, which, since its release in early access (2017), has accumulated more than 500 updates with varied improvements and new buildings, missions and combat options.

The result is a game that unites adventure and exploration, in which we become leader of the dwarves. To help you fulfill your dream of living on the surface, we will create a true home. Or, at least, we will try, on the road to prosperity.

As its creators recall, the bigger the city, the bigger the adventure. We have missions to complete and weapons and armor to craft. There is no shortage of fights against dangerous enemies.

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