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Halo Infinite: New gameplay taken from the first three hours of campaign mode is shown

Less than a month left for the expected launch of Halo Infinite and there are more and more details that we know so much about its multiplayer, that we get it for free December 8, as in his campaign mode, of which not long ago we saw a new trailer gameplay. Today it has been revealed more content this way campaign thanks to the coverage of Game Informer, a magazine that will have the game from 343 Industries and Xbox as the protagonist of the cover of its next issue.

In anticipation of this publication, the magazine has shown the campaign mode of Halo Infinite in a new video posted on his YouTube channel. This is not a trailer, but a gameplay commented of about four minutes in which we can see their combat, exploration, weapons, enemies and scenarios. In addition, another video has been published in which we can take a first look at the starting level of campaign mode from Halo Infinite. You can see both in resolution up to 4K below:

New details of the weapons, equipment, enemies and narrative of Halo Infinite

In an article published in his official page, Game Informer explains that they have made this coverage after testing the first three hours of Halo Infinite. In it they have “discovered new weapons, equipment and novelties” at the same time that they have been able to get to know better the new open world format of the new installment of the saga Halo; They have been able to soak up a little better of the story that will be told in this chapter, set in Zeta Halo, its links with the first installment and how the narrative works in this new direction.

There will be more information from Halo Infinite throughout this month, since the special report has a total of 20 pages including interviews with 343 Industries and new details of both the campaign and multiplayer modes. If after the two previous videos you have been wanting more (and if you have a good level of English) then you can see a conversation between the three in charge of this coverage giving their first impressions of the new Halo:

Halo Infinite arrive the December 8 to Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One and PC, being available from the day of its launch on Xbox Game Pass. Below these lines you can see a gallery with new images, including the Game Informer cover dedicated to the new Master Chief game in which the new villain also has an important presence.

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