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Football Manager 2022: 10 Beginner Tips for New Players

Football Manager 22 has a difficult learning curve for newcomers. This is how beginners can get the most out of the game and take their team to the top.

The beta of Football Manager 22 has been released recently, and the full game will hit stores on November 9. Numerous critical scores have already been released, and the game is currently at an impressive Metascore de 88, making it one of the most critically acclaimed management games of the last decade.

Football Manager 22 is scheduled to release on day one on Game Pass for Xbox and PC, which will bring an influx of new players to the series. Unfortunately, those players may have difficulty in opening hours, as the Football coach The series throws up pages of options, data, and stats to players, which can get very confusing at first. So to help new players, here is a selection of tips.

Assign staff roles on the first day at a new job

One of the first things new managers need to do is assign roles for their staff. Football Manager 22 It allows the manager to delegate a wide range of tasks to his staff, which can be invaluable for beginners as they can come to terms with the core mechanics of the game before branching out into more complex roles.

Training, press conferences, contract renewals, and even some tactical decisions can be left to the manager’s coaching team. Before doing anything else, managers should go to the Personal tab, so they know exactly what they need to work on and what their staff will do.

Pay attention to the dynamics

The Dynamics tab provides detailed information about the moral, hierarchy and social groups of players of the first team. At first this may seem like something the manager may overlook. However, it may be what he does and breaks his club career. A group of disgruntled players will start to show their discontent on the field, which can drive a coach straight to bed.

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Before making any key decisions regarding the players, the manager should take a look at their Dynamics tab, particularly in the hierarchy section. A disagreement with a team leader could spell disaster.

Keep promises

Following the previous point, there is one thing the coach can do that will instantly change the mood of his players: break a promise. Throughout a season, players will go to the coach asking for various guarantees, regarding things like their playing time, transfers, salary increases, and more. If the manager makes a promise, it is essential that he keep it.

This may seem obvious, but some sports games, such as FIFA serie, have minimal consequences if the manager does not keep his word, so beginners may think they can do the same in Football Manager 22. This is certainly not the case here, as a broken promise with a player can often result in a broken trust level between the coach and the entire squad.

Be tactically flexible

A common beginner mistake that beginning managers will make in Football Manager 22 come into the game with a predetermined tactic and style in mind, without even deciding which team to choose. This is especially a problem when managers plan to start the game unemployed or manage a lower league club that they are not familiar with. Most likely, the tactic will not suit your team of players, which is, of course, essential for winning matches.

Although it is a good idea to implement a familiar style of play, it is imperative that the tactic is adapted to the available players. Otherwise, the manager could walk out the door before his plans have a chance to come true.

Pay attention to the board’s vision

Another common mistake for beginners you are ignoring the board’s vision. The board will state its vision very clearly when the manager starts a new job, although many people don’t realize the impact it can really have.

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For example, a coach could be very successful playing with a solid defensive style. However, if the board requests an attacking style of play to entertain the fans, then the door can be shown to the manager, despite the success he has achieved.

Be patient in the transfer market

The transfer window is one of the most exciting moments of any Football coach game as it gives the manager the opportunity to sell to any disgruntled or underperforming player. In the meantime, they can spend money on better players that suit the coach’s style.

Consequently, many new coaches tend to rush into the transfer market. This can be a fatal mistake, as a poor transfer window can significantly damage a team’s progress in the years to come. To avoid this, managers must ensure that any signings are thoroughly scrutinized and ensure that they do not overspend.

See extended highlights

With all the statistics and data available to managers in Football Manager 22Some find it tempting to speed up games, just by watching replays of goals. Although the data available in the game can show a good picture of each match, a good part of each game is still worth watchingas managers will often spot the pros and cons on their side that the data doesn’t show.

It’s also worth noting that the default camera angle can be quite restrictive. It may be worth switching to Sideline, which offers a better tactical view.

Use individual training

When joining a team for the first time, or trying to teach a new style of play to a pre-existing group of players, it is important to work with the players in training. Thankfully, Football Manager 22 makes this easy, since there is a specific page dedicated to the instructions of each player.

The individual training tab allows the coach to train his players in a new position, alter the intensity of their training, or even instruct them to work on a specific skill.

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Avoid financially troubled teams

One thing that is synonymous with Football coach The series is the thrill of leading a struggling team to trophy-winning glory. Although achievements like this are among the most satisfying moments in the game, it’s often a bridge too far for beginners, and trying can put them off the game if things get too complicated.

This is particularly the case when new managers take over a team in financial distress, as the side will soon be plagued by a plethora of problems, often not the manager’s fault. Choosing a team with financial problems is Football Manager 22is the equivalent of a “hard mode”, so new managers should postpone the challenge until they are more used to the game.

Don’t rush through the seasons

Once the new coaches are up and running, they will start to see positive results with a strong style of play that is being implemented well by a happy team of players. At this point, new managers may be tempted to pick up the pace and rush through the rest of the season.

However, rushing through a season is likely to only end one way. Inattention to tactical alterations, player morale, and club improvements will often show no signs of trouble until it is too late. Also, managers should avoid the tempting “Go on vacation” option as much as possible, as they may end up missing vital moments of the season. They can often return from their sunny vacations to a plethora of problems that can take literal hours to eventually resolve.

Football Manager 22’s beta is now available for PC. The full game will be released on November 9 for PC, Xbox, and mobile devices. A Nintendo Switch version is also in the works.

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