Wednesday, December 7

Final Fantasy 7 Remake: Square announces new figures of Aeris and Tifa with dresses

Square Enix has announced and opened reservations in Square Enix Store of two high-quality figures of Final Fantasy VII Remake. Is about Aeris Gainsborough and of Tifa Lockhart dressed in the dresses they wear in the section of Don Corneo’s mansion in Mercado Muro. The two figures belong to the line STATIC ARTS of the Japanese company and each one is priced at 171,99 .

Figure of Aeris will be delivered approximately in June 2022. Its measurements are 157 mm x 127 mm x 241 mm including the base. “Our designers have spared no detail when it comes to recreating Aeris in her gorgeous outfit: from the gorgeous waves of her hair, the jewels that adorn her neck and her wrist, to the tips of their toes “, they say in the description. You can see the figure in full detail in the following video.

“Her facial features and expressions are even more glamorous, to differentiate them from her everyday looks. Capturing the moment when Aerith looks you in the face, hands crossed behind her back, this statuette is an exquisite piece, in which they have taken great care of the lights and shadows of their skin, as well as the texture of the dress “, they conclude.

Figure of Tifa be available in September 2022, although as with the previous one, there may be delays. Its measurements are 103 mm x 103 mm x 249 mm; It has a weight of 196 grams including the base. From Square Enix they say that “has meticulously recreated her stunning dress, which gives him a very different look than his usual fighting outfit. “

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“We have paid attention to every detail of her look, from the high-quality texture of the dress, to the choker, belt and the earrings, “they continue from the company.” With his hands behind his back in a somewhat playful pose, this is a magnificent figure in which aspects such as the skin texture and arm position And the legs”.

Square lanz FF7 Remake: Intergrade in June

Final Fantasy VII Remake It has been available on PS4 since April of last year. In June of this year, Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade, a remastering for PS5 that adds a Bonus content starring Yuffie to connect with the events that will be narrated in the second episode of the remake, and that it still does not have a launch date or announced platforms.

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