Wednesday, December 7

Call of Duty: Vanguard debuts in Japan with over 41,000 copies sold

Famitsu published its estimate of sales of physical video games and consoles in Japan during the week from November 1 to 7, a period in which the best-selling video game was once again Mario Party Superstars, as happened the previous week, adding over 81,000 new copies on Nintendo Switch, consoles that for its part has also repeated as the best-selling of the week.

In second position we find Call of Duty: Vanguard, the new installment of Activision’s war saga, which has premiered in Japan with a total of 41,075 physical copies sold if we add the amounts of their versions of PS5 and PS4. It is the new best-selling launch of the week (which adds to the success it has had in other countries such as the United Kingdom) followed by Danganronpa Decadence, which has been released with 20,938 units sold in Japanese stores.

Below you can see the complete list of best-selling video games in Japan in the week of November 1 to 7:

  1. [NSW] Mario Party Superstars (Nintendo. 10/29/21) 81.399 (244.655)
  2. [PS4] Call of Duty: Vanguard (SIE. 05/11/21) 28,321 (New)
  3. [NSW] Danganronpa Decadence (Spike Chunsoft. 04/11/21) 20,938 (New)
  4. [NSW] Ring Fit Adventure (Nintendo. 10/18/19) 13.101 (2.896.232)
  5. [PS5] Call of Duty: Vanguard (SIE. 05/11/21) 12,754 (New)
  6. [NSW] Fortnite Minty Legends Pack (Epic Games. 02/11/21) 12,167 (New)
  7. [NSW] Super Robot Wars 30 (Bandai Namco. 10/28/21) 12,079 (82,928)
  8. [NSW] Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (Nintendo. 04/28/17) 10.726 (4.123.374)
  9. [NSW] Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (Nintendo. 12/07/18) 10.569 (4.489.510)
  10. [NSW] Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water (Koei Tecmo. 10/28/21) 9778 (30,364)
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Nintendo Switch is once again Japan’s best-selling console

In consoles we have the usual panorama, with Nintendo Switch being the most sold thanks to a total of 90,517 units thanks to its standard models, Lite and OLED, which this time was the least sold of the three with more than 21,600 units. In second position we have the family PS5 with a total of 10,120 units sold, followed by Xbox Series X / S with 2593 units and PS4 with 709 consoles. According to Gematsu, the new generation consoles continue to have stock problems in the Asian country, something that is also occurring in the rest of the markets.

Below you can see the complete list of best-selling consoles in Japan in the week of November 1 to 7:

  1. Switch 45.880 (17.347.401)
  2. Switch Lite 23.017 (4.139.827)
  3. Switch OLED Model 21.620 (284.497)
  4. PlayStation 5 8520 (979.660)
  5. PlayStation 5 Digital Edition 1600 (188.368)
  6. Xbox Series S 1570 (48.756)
  7. Xbox Series X 1023 (67.366)
  8. PlayStation 4 709 (7.817.226)
  9. New 2DS LL (incluyendo 2DS) 433 (1.176.571)

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