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Best-selling video games in history • Console and Board

There are some classics among video games or more modern titles that have become the best sellers in history, in sales leaders.

We encourage you to take a look at the following list that we have prepared; We assure you that more than one of you will surprise.

1. Minecraft

The famous construction sandbox it had earned its place in this list from the first moment. It appeared on the market in 2011 and from that moment on it would start to win over the players.

It was characterized by being an apparently simple title, but complex at the same time. And it is that we had before us a complete world creator with which we could do practically anything we could think of.

Since their launch they have been sold around 176 million units.

2. Tetris

As we already mentioned at the beginning of the article, there are some classic titles that have crept into the podium one of the best sellers, and no wonder.

We have played this game a lot in our lives, and not only the original, but any of its versions.

The truth is that it is very difficult to know the number of copies that have been sold, but it is estimated that they are higher than the 170 million. Keep in mind that it has been sold both in physical and digital format.

3. GTA V

Every time a new edition of the Grand Theft Auto it becomes a revolution in the market, but the truth is that the V version managed to break all expectations.

After version of GTA San Andreas many thought it would not be easy to overcome.

With a much larger map, with many gameplay options and with the possibility of controlling 3 characters that they would include in the story, he managed to harvest some 110 million copies sold.

Even though it was released in 2013, there is still a lot going on.

4. Super Mario Bros

Who has not played the mythical Super Mario Brosat least once in your life? The adventures of the quirky plumber began in the year 1983 and they have resulted in all kinds of games available for different Nintendo consoles.

All this has led him to reap the nothing derisory figure of 44,240,000 copies sold (counting all versions that have been released)

5. Pokemon Green, Red and Blue

Although it is true that it is 3 games, they are only versions of the same title. Pokemon saw the light in the year 1996 with 3 different versions of the main game. However, Pokemon Green did not leave Japan; we only received the versions of Pokemon Red and Pokemon Blue.

Has managed to sell more than 47 million copies.

6. Wii Fit

Although few would think that the Wii Fit It is among the best-selling video games in history, the truth is that it is much more popular than one might expect.

It was a game for the console Nintendo Wii with which we could exercise at home. Such was the success that other consoles tried to copy it, even launching similar devices that went nowhere.

It is estimated that they were sold around 43.800.000 although we do not know if it would actually end up helping people lose weight.

These are the 6 best-selling video games in history.

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