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Back 4 Blood: devs admit that the game was very difficult due to a bug | LevelUp

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Difficult video games can be a lot of fun, as everyone likes to enjoy a good challenge from time to time. However, it is wise to recognize when a title is simply unfair. Since its launch a few weeks ago, players from Back 4 Blood They have done nothing more than express their disgust at the excessive difficulty of the campaign. Luckily, the developers heard the complaints loud and clear.

Following complaints from fans, Turtle Rock Studios made the game a bit easier after they released an update in October that lowered the drop rate for Ridden specials on all difficulties. However, the above was far from solving the merciless peaks of difficulty that plague the entire experience.

Whoops! Back 4 Blood was harder than it should have

This week, the studio acknowledged that the co-op shooter had a bug that affected the spawn rate of the strongest enemies. This resulted in players having to survive a ridiculous amount of Ridden specials, an extremely complex task that bordered on the impossible on most difficulties.

Luckily, the developers listened to fan concerns and recently released a patch that will hopefully make games much more manageable.

“We encountered an issue where specials were frequently doubling their spawn cards, increasing as players progressed through levels. This resulted in an unfair amount of [Ridden] specials that overwhelmed teams. In future patches, we will continue to investigate build issues to help further smooth the experience. “

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Lastly, the new patch also incorporates many quality of life improvements, bug fixes, and general balancing.

But tell us, do you think Back 4 Blood It was very difficult? Let us read you in the comments.

Back 4 Blood available now for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, and PC. You will find more information about this cooperative shooter if you click here.

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