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Ascension in Spanish by TCG Factory

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The publisher TCG Factory has announced the publication of the tenth edition of Ascension in Spanish. The game designed by John Fiorillo, Justin Gary and Brian M. Kibler will arrive in our country in 2022.

Ascension is a card game designed for 2 to 4 players, with a recommended age from 13 years, and with games lasting approximately thirty minutes.

Vigil’s world is in danger.

For millennia, peace has reigned over the land and brought prosperity to its people.

Now, the barrier between dimensions is collapsing and the avatar of the fallen god, Samael, has breached the border and arrived at Vigil with a horde of power-hungry demons and monsters. Only a few warriors have the skill to face the danger posed by this threat. You’re one of them.

Can you gather an army to stop Samael and his minions?

The objective of the game is to get enough runes to buy increasingly powerful cards for our deck and to obtain the highest number of victory points. Ascension offers a dynamic gaming experience in which players must adapt their strategy based on what their opponents do.

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Ascension, one of the highest rated and most desired deck builders

Ascension’s gameplay is similar to other deck-building games, players add cards to their deck by purchasing them from a common deck. The first six cards are turned face up and are available for purchase, when the cards are acquired the next six are placed. Victory points are obtained in three ways: for the cards that are bought, defeating monsters using the resources that appear on some of the cards, and finally, some cards grant victory points when they are put into play.

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Ascension is co-created by the Magic champion Justin Gary, Rob Dougherty y Brian Kibler, the three authors have jointly designed the Redakai hand management card game, and illustrated by the artist Eric Sabee.

The game was originally published by Stone Blade Entertainment, responsible for titles such as Shard of Infinity, SoulForge, Sweetlandia or Ringmaster.

TCG Factory will publish the game in Spanish in spring 2022, being difficult to indicate a specific date due to the logistical crisis, although it has confirmed that the price of the game will be 35 euros.

Ascension is one of the best-rated deck-building games since it was released in 2010. It features a multitude of expansions, such as Dreamscape, Realms Unravel or Rise of the Vigil, which include new resources, rules and kingdoms that keep Rise of the Vigil in the game. alive.

Last year, Stone Blade Entertainment launched a kickstarter campaign to fund Ascension Tactics, a skirmish game that combined deck building with miniatures, making the game’s 10th Anniversary Edition available as Ad-On.

The publisher of Unmatched has communicated its intention to continue the line of the game and, in the future, to publish the expansions and the material that exists of the game.

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