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Arcane: His second act premieres November 13 on Netflix

Arcane, the animated series based on League of Legends for Netflix, it has been a success and fans are waiting to find out what will happen in the second act of the story. Riot Games has recalled that This arc will arrive on Netflix next Saturday, November 13 at 9:00 a.m. in the Spanish peninsula; the third and last act, also made up of three chapters, will be released on Saturday, November 20, also at 9:00. You can know our opinion of his first arc here.

“The first act of Arcane left the willful iron-fisted heroine Vi, her younger sister – Powder, Jinx – and the group of disinherited who inhabit the shadowy alleyways of Zaun and congregate around The Last Drop Tavern at a crucial point in their lives. biographies, “says Riot.”The second act follows the vicissitudes of both sisters, already adults, as well as the development of the investigations on magic or Hextech technology of the scientific idealists, Jayce and Viktor, in the middle of the flourishing City of Progress, Piltover. A technology that perhaps does nothing more than increase the social gap between the two cities. “

The second act delve into the roster of secondary characters that have attracted the attention of the public and critics, Mel, Silco, Caitlyn and other relevant heroes in the plot knot.

A new success for Netflix

Developed by the French animation studio Fortiche and created by Christian Linke and Alex Yee, its debut could not be better, ranking as the most viewed content in up to 38 countries around the globe, such as Brazil, France, Argentina, Germany or Russia, while that in the United States it remained in the position number 6 of the most seen, in the United Kingdom in the position number 8 and in South Korea in the position number 3. In Spanish territory Arcane has narrowly missed the top spot, has remained within the top 3 of the most watched on Netflix. In China, where the series is broadcast on Tencent’s streaming platform, Arcane It has been an impressive phenomenon, gathering 130 million viewers in its opening hours and receiving praise from critics and the public.

Date and time of the second arc of Arcane

Arcane is a series that explores the universe of League of Legends through the rivalry of two cities and two sisters. The series consists of a total of 9 episodes divided into three story arcs; on his debut he has received praise from the media and viewers, with a 100% positive feedback on Rotten Tomatoes of specialized criticism and reaching a 9.4 rating on IMDb after more than 11,000 votes.

Date and time of the second arc of Arcane

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