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11 hidden secrets many have yet to find in Subnautica Below Zero

As a game focused on exploration, Subnautica: Below Zero is meant to hide some secrets. Here are a few that you may have missed.

Subnautica: below zero is the ultimate exploration game. Unknown Worlds did a fantastic job on the sequel, exemplified by its excellent Metascores, including a 83 en Xbox Series X. As you explore the vast ocean biomes and frozen landscape, there are some secrets waiting for players to discover.

From the depths of the ocean to the inside of a wormhole, Unknown Worlds left some cool stuff for people to find in 4546B. Most people will not even know that these peculiar characteristics exist in Below zero.

Updated Nov 7, 2021 by Jack Pursey: Subnautica: below zero It was fully launched over 5 months ago, while believe it or not, its early access hit stores nearly three years ago. Throughout this time period, even more secrets have been uncovered in Planet 4546B’s ocean, no doubt aided by the wave of new players exploring the game after its release on Game Pass.

Exploring the dark corners of Planet 4546B is one of the most exciting, but also scariest, features in the game. These dark corners tend to hold the most interesting secrets in the game, causing many players to lose them out of fear of the hideous creatures that lurk. To illuminate a little more Subnautica: Below Zero Secrets, we’ve updated this list to include a few more entries.

Omega Laboratory

The Omega Laboratory can be found within a floating rock near the center of the Lilypad Islands biome. Although the powerful biome initially seems disturbing, it is worth knowing that there are generally no Leviathans lurking in the area, making the search for the Omega Laboratory surprisingly safe.

The Omega Lab was built by Alterra and contains numerous interesting resources, including a blueprint for Swim Charge Fins.

Teleporter Architect

Subnautica: below zero it has numerous features that set it apart from most open world games. In particular, the game does not feature fast travel, nor does it have any kind of built-in map feature. Consequently, it can be a nightmare to have to collect certain resources, as players will have to travel all over the map, often with no idea if they are going in the right direction.

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Fortunately, there is a hidden fast travel available in the game, although it only takes players to two specific locations. There are two Architect Teleporters at 4546B, one at Arctic Spiers and one at Phi Robotics Center. Teleporters certainly don’t solve the game’s travel problems, although it’s a handy way to travel between two of the game’s most important arctic areas.

Thermal reactors

By the time players have spent a few hours in the ocean on Planet 4546B, they will have gotten used to the alien underwater life, and human-made creations will become jarring. A jarring moment occurs as players enter the Thermal Spiers biome.

Among the plant life and fauna there is a platform with a variety of mechanisms and storage, including destroyed thermal reactors. The reactors were likely built by Marguerit Maida, who possibly abandoned them due to their proximity to Rock Punchers and Cryptosuchus’ which may have destroyed them.

Although, in theory, thermal reactors can be found relatively early in the game, most players will avoid traveling to the depths of the thermal spiers, as it is one of the first dangerous biomes in the game, which is why the majority of players will avoid it at first. I have no real reason to travel to its depths later.

Climb to the top of the glaciers

Near the Frozen Leviathan spawn, there are several areas where players can climb to the top of the glaciers. Using the shrimp suit for vertical thrust, it is possible to scale the icy walls and see the Leviathan from above.

Players need to look for areas with a path leading to the wall, and there should be a couple of outcrops for them to jump. While technically the areas are not off the map, it is nice to have a view of the world from above for a change.

Deep sea exploration

Those who are curious to see what is hidden in the farthest depths of the game will eventually enter the World Edge biome., Which is the deepest point in Subnautica below zero. At the deepest points, players can travel 1,000 meters below sea level. Around 500 meters, a warning will appear stating that the Sea Truck is entering the dead zone. Once players cross the threshold, multiple Leviathan dead zones will swarm. Seeing the depths is fun, but as the warning says, it will almost always result in death.

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Those who go down far enough can find a seafloor about 1,000 meters deep, which is Subnautica below zero‘s deepest point. Unfortunately, the only creatures roaming the depths are the dangerous Leviathan, which can be seen in groups of three or more. Few players have really seen the dark and gloomy depths of the ocean in Below zero.

Get the arms of AL-AN

If people can get off the map and / or commit suicide in the final scene, they will reappear with the arms of AL-AN. It’s easier with console commands, but some community members have managed to commit suicide without any additional software.

Those who manage to die with the arms of AL-AN will reappear with them and will be able to stay with them until they finish the story. The special alien arms are great to play with for a while, before finishing the game.

Find the test area

After climbing the glaciers near the Frozen Leviathan spawn, players can access the developer testing area. By staying on the glaciers and walking northwest, you will be able to see the little signs in the distance. Those signs and areas were created to fix bugs and test changes before implementing them in the game.

While most of the area is harmless, players may be killed instantly if they enter the wrong area. So far, neither area has been fatal. Still, everyone should explore with caution, especially when playing in hardcore mode.

Achieve deformation speed

There is a secret way to go incredibly fast in Below zero. With a jet cannon and a booster tank, Robin can travel faster than AL-AN’s ship.

To perform the error, people will have to grab an item or creature with the cannon and activate the reinforcement. The result is a speed two or even three times faster than the thruster alone. Using this method is the most fun way to move from one biome to another in Below zero. Fingers crossed that Unknown Worlds doesn’t fix the glitch.

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Exit the map

It is possible to phase the map while underwater using a compartment. Players can place the compartment near a rocky structure underwater with a hatch that opens into the structure. If placed close enough, exiting through the hatch will push Robin off the map.

It can be tedious to carry out, but using the compartment is one of the only proven out-of-bounds methods in Below zero. Exiting the map allows players to travel from one location to another without having to worry about predators.

The completion and console commands

Anyone who hasn’t finished the game yet or hasn’t seen the ending scenes should skip the next two sections as they mess up some details. There are a lot of cool things for people with console commands to explore in the final scene of the game. For example, the area where AL-AN teleports Robin is actually part of the game’s basemap, but is blocked by invisible walls.

During the space travel scene, the attention to detail is impeccable when the image is reduced. One of the funniest things to witness is that the entire map near the teleporter is fed into the space map. Al-AN took Robin to a new world, but the old world wanted to come.

AL-AN home world

In the final seconds of the ending, players are transported to a completely new map. Although some of them can be viewed without commandos, there are even more structures built in AL-AN’s homeworld.

For now, players can only speculate what the rest of the world will be like. Fans know that the planet has atmosphere and rain, based on the final seconds of the finale. When AL-AN and Robin land, will there be oceans or an entirely new kingdom of exploration in store?

Subnautica: below zero Now available for PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S

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