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Young people from France will be able to use € 300 EUR cultural voucher on Xbox Game Pass | LevelUp

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The Pass Culture, a cultural voucher that France offers to young people, was the headlines recently, as some of its beneficiaries decided to invest part of the € 300 EUR of the program in manga and comics.

This generated all kinds of opinions, as there are those who believe that the program is only a government measure to win the trust of the youngest. On the other hand, there was no lack of criticism of the way in which said money is used.

Xbox is aware of the program and wants its users to also use their bonus in video games. For this reason, he announced that Pass Culture can be used to become part of Xbox Game Pass.

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Xbox Game Pass will be part of the cultural bonus in France

Through a post on Xbox Wire France, the company highlighted the Pass Culture proposal and the importance of young people having access to culture. Xbox stated that video games are an important part of it, so it will offer them through Xbox Game Pass.

“We are pleased to announce that you will have the possibility of obtaining up to 3 months of subscription to Xbox Game Pass for PC thanks to Pass Culture, to discover your new favorite game in a catalog of more than 100 quality titles”, commented the company.

He also stated that video games are capable of creating connections and bringing people together, so it is a great achievement that Pass Culture includes them.

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“This partnership represents a true pride for Xbox, we hope that you, your friends, your family and your loved ones can further expand your horizons and discover increasingly enriching experiences thanks to Xbox Game Pass for PC and Pass Culture,” added Xbox .

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