Saturday, December 3

What left voice and vote: with Luis Juez and the latest polls before the election | Politics | The voice of the interior

This Tuesday a new program of Voice and vote was broadcast, the political program of La Voz with the conduction of Federico Giammaría and Florencia Ripoll.

In the first block, Cristian Buttié, director of CB Consultant of Public Opinion, was invited, who analyzed the possibilities of the main electoral fronts towards the elections on Sunday, November 14.

Then, the pollster Lucas Romero, delved into the data that are handled in Buenos Aires.

Later, the candidate for senator of Together for Change, Luis Juez, gave an interview and said that “people smell an end of the cycle” in the next election.

In the program there was time for the analysis of journalists Julián Cañas, Virginia Guevara and Mariano Bergero, who analyzed what will happen to the ninth seat of deputies according to the electoral polls that are handled and the result of the last Step.

On the end, as always, the Under Word section, with the keys to the politics of the week.

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