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What is the importance of the Metaverse for the world of videogames? • Console and Dashboard

The recent Facebook announcement could radically change the way we interact with video games. Find out why.

What is Metaverse?

We recently saw Facebook change its name to Meta. This was not a change for the application, but for the company. Well, the idea is to take the “next step”, and just as Facebook was a true revolution at the time, the Metaverse could also change the way we engage with technology.

While, for example, we can now play bingo online for free or to online rouletteThere are also other video game innovations that the Metaverse will affect. That is, all these games have as a common parameter that we interact with them, but we are not part of the game.

All of this will change with Metaverse. The idea is that Facebook generates a new social and digital dimension in which users can interact through avatars. This could be the “future of the Internet”, to the point that we could have 100% virtual lives within devices.

The idea becomes so important that not only would you log into the companies’ products, but we will live, work, and spend leisure time on them. This could generate a radical change in many things, such as travel, since it would not be necessary to physically move to a place, but we could live the experience as if we were there, but from the computer.

And how does this affect video games?

The fact of having a virtual environment in which we believe that we are inside has been the dream of many people. Some even believed that it was something of science fiction, but it seems to be something that could materialize. In other words, Metaverse will be proposed as an immersive virtual world, similar to virtual reality, but where people share experiences and spend time together.

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This would take a huge step forward for video games. In the first place, because it will further enhance the virtual reality resources that currently exist. For example, we could see that more and more launches include virtual reality systems and that they are perfected so much that it is difficult to assess what is real and what is fictional.

However, this not all. Although many people spend hours and hours in front of video games, a second life could end here. In other words, users not only enjoy the titles, but can “live” in them, carry out daily activities and even work.

This may all seem like a fantasy these days, but it is the bet that Mark Zuckerberg’s company has. Remember that, at the time, Facebook also seemed unattainable, but eventually it ended up being done. So apparently the question is not whether or not it will happen, but when and how.

The truth is that the Facebook Metaverse could mean a true revolution for the way we interact with everyone else … and with video games as well.

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