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Valve’s laptop Steam Deck delayed to February 2022

Steam Deck, the portable video game system of Valve, was announced last July and on the 16th of that same month, reservations were opened, with the promise that the first consoles will begin to reach consumers this December. Now, Valve has just announced that this will not be the case, and Steam Deck delayed to February 2022.

The expected reasons, problems in the global supply chain, something that is affecting computers and electronics around the world, which includes game consoles, computers and graphics cards, among many other devices and components.

A delay of two months

“The Steam Deck launch is going to be delayed for two months. We are very sorry, because we did everything possible to avoid widespread problems in the supply chainBut, due to a shortage of materials, our factories are not receiving the components in time to meet the originally planned launch dates. “

“According to our new calculations, Steam Deck shipments will begin in February 2022. This will be the new start date of the reservation queue; you will not lose your position, but the dates will be delayed based on these changes. Projected reservation dates will be updated shortly after this announcement. “

“Once again, we are sorry that we cannot meet the original shipping dates. We will continue to strive to improve the reservation dates based on the new schedule and we will keep you informed of any developments.”

So we will have to wait to enjoy the first Steam Deck in February 2022, if there are no more delays, and only for those who will reserve it in the first batch, which lasted a few minutes. Steam Deck is a portable computer or console that allows us to play all our Steam games and be available on three models (64 GB for 419, 256 GB for 549 and 512 GB for 679). If at this time you are going to reserve it The estimated delivery date is the second quarter of 2022, although this estimate may not have been updated taking this delay into account, and it is quite likely that the actual delivery date is already 2023.

If you want to know more in depth all the details of this machine you can read our Steam Deck report: launch, price, characteristics and all the details.

The semiconductor shortage is affecting the world of video games in a very important way, and the solution is not close

This last minute delay is the finishing touch to a year that we have lived full of problems for the semiconductor shortage, which makes it very difficult to get hold of a graphics card or one of the new consoles, PS5 and Xbox Series X. At the moment this problem is not close to being solved, and Intel, AMD and TSMC, the largest semiconductor manufacturer, have said that this problem will continue throughout all of 2022.

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