Tuesday, December 6

This awesome Resident Evil 4 PSX-style demake is now playable on PC

Resident Evil 4 is one of the videogames that ports has received, competing hand in hand with Skyrim, and in fact recently a new version adapted to virtual reality has been published. Capcom’s game is available on virtually all platforms beyond the generation it was released on, and is rumored to have a release date. remakeBut what about the previous consoles? Fans of the saga Resident Evil they have wanted to imagine what will this delivery be like if rather than originally released on PS2 and GameCube would have been released on the first PlayStation.

The Brazilian team Rustic Games has been commissioned to develop this demake playable from Resident Evil 4, a project that has been in development for months and that we can now test thanks to the publication of its first build: It is a trial version available here for PC, an excerpt from the game with this peculiar style of still camera and pixelated graphics. From Rustic Games they warn that since it is a preliminary version it still has many bugs, but it is stable enough that they have wanted to share it with the rest of the fans.

Other spectacular demakes PSX style

Those who try this version will be able to help the development team with their feedback so that they continue polishing the project and we end up seeing a full version of Resident Evil 4 PSX style. He is not the only one demake inspired by the graphics of this Sony console: Rustic Games itself has videos of versions of games like God of War O Resident Evil 8: Village, and in Vandal we have previously told you about other recreations of other titles such as The Last of Us, Halo Infinite O Death Stranding. Yes, normally these demakes are not usually playable, except for the long-awaited adaptation of Bloodborne to PSX, which s will be available for download.


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