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The PS5 in danger? Hackers claim to have breached the security of the console | LevelUp

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The world of computing and hardware is always on the move and one of its characteristics is that knowledge is not limited to companies or research centers, as there is a large community dedicated to it that obeys various reasons and motivations. Some hacker groups take advances in security as a challenge or an opportunity to understand the architecture and design of a piece of technology, such as a console. In this case, someone has done the same with the PlayStation 5.

They discover vulnerabilities in the PlayStation 5

According to information from The Verge, the security of PlayStation 5 could have been breached after a group and a specialist shared screenshots of their respective achievements. At the beginning is the group of hackers Fail0verflow, which assured that they already have the Root Keys that guarantee them access to the firmware of the console to decrypt it and with this start a reverse engineering process.

On the other hand, Andy Nguyen, engineer and Google security specialist, did the same, ensuring that he already had access to the debugging menu of a commercial version PlayStation 5 and to check it he showed the image that accounts for the discovery of this vulnerability.

The console is not compromised, yet, and Sony is expected to release a patch.

In both cases, although the security of PS5 would have been violated, the console is not in danger since neither the group of hackers nor the Google specialist have published the process by which they reached these results, although in the case of the former discretion could be momentary. However, Sony is expected to immediately act with a patch to address these vulnerabilities and prevent the console’s security from being seriously compromised.

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