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The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim: The Essential Mods To Play Again 10 Years Later

  • All the best mods from Skyrim (2021)
  • Taking advantage of that The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim celebrating its 10th anniversary tomorrow is a good time to re-dive into Bethesda’s fabulous role play. The company also believes so and that is why it has launched a Anniversary Edition which includes more than 500 new elements of the Creation Club at a price of 54.99 euros in Spain, but it is not the only way that exists to meet again with Skyrim in an improved and updated version with respect to the original: thanks to the community mods we can customize the game to our liking and for free, either to give it a renewed look or to modify it from top to bottom and offer us a totally new experience, that is why in this article we have compiled some of the best mods to get back to Skyrim.

    Where to find mods for Skyrim and how to install them?

    There are mods for all tastes, from those that completely change the original formula to those that simply give the game a new look while respecting its style. In this article we are going to recommend the most popular, interesting or ingenious ones, but on pages like Nexus Mod or in the Bethesda’s own website we can find content for all tastes. If you play on the console, all you have to do is access from the The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition to install and order the mods that you like the most, while on PC you can take advantage of tools such as Mod Organizer to manage all these creations.

    Graphics, visual and interface improvements mods

    • aMidianBorn Book of Silence (PC): A complete pack of textures that modifies the originals with other high-quality ones to give the game a new look.
    • Realistic Lighting Overhaul (PC): Improves the overall lighting of the game.
    • Enhanced Night (PC): As its name suggests, this mod offers a deeper and more colorful night.
    • Fores New Idles (PC): A tool that allows you to introduce new animations in the game.
    • SMIM (PC): A recommended mod that changes some 3D modeling of the world of Skyrim by many more credible, realistic and detailed.
    • Better Females (PC): Modify the appearance of female characters giving them a higher quality.
    • Better Male Presets (PS4, Xbox One and PC): Similar to the previous one, but with male characters.
    • RaceMenu (PC): One of the most recommended mods to improve the editing possibilities of the characters.
    • RS Children Overhaul (PC): Improves the appearance of child NPCs.
    • Inmersive Armors (PC): Change the design of the armors to make them more credible and detailed while respecting the lore.
    • Inmersive Weapons (PC): Same as the previous one, but with weapons.
    • A Quality World Map – Vivid With Stone Roads (Xbox One and PC): If the map of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim It is not to your liking you can change it for this mod that changes the textures to make it more attractive and realistic.
    • Immersive HUD (PC): A mod that removes the interface from the game when we do not need it (if we are not in combat, for example) to improve the feeling of immersion.

    Playable upgrade mods

    • Ordinator (Xbox One and PC): One of the essential mods for Skyrim. Add over 450 new skills and tweak the progression system to make it more fun, deep, and varied.
    • Ultimate Follower Overhaul (PC): A profound improvement to the companion system so hated by many gamers. Skyrim.
    • Frostfall (PC): Survival mod that aade elements of gameplay like surviving hypothermia and camping in the wild.
    • Wet and Cold (PC): This mod not only changes the weather effects of the game, but also improves the NPC’s response to them.
    • Immersive creatures (PC): Add a huge amount of creatures that give more variety to the game trying to respect its lore.
    • Enhanced magic (Xbox One and PC): A great collection of new spells to give much more depth to our character’s magical abilities.
    • Inmersive Patrols (PC): Add more groups that swarm through Skyrim, creating original and random situations.
    • Deadly Dragons (PC): A mod that improves the behavior of dragons and adds new types to make our confrontations against them truly challenging.
    • Enhanced Camera (PC): Improve the first person camera to be more realistic and it is always active, even when sitting or riding.
    • HDT Physics (PC): Improves the general physics of Skyrim.
    • Realistic Ragdoll (PC): It improves the behavior of the physics of inert bodies so that they are less exaggerated and more realistic.
    Deadly Dragons, one of the best mods for Skyrim.

    Mods of new scenarios and missions

    • Expanded towns and cities (PC): With this mod we will expand the amount of elements of the cities and towns of Skyrim that we already know, giving them a more realistic and lively touch.
    • The Forgotten City (Xbox One and PC): An acclaimed mod that adds an interesting new plot with time loops. It has been so award-winning that it has even been released as a standalone game.
    • Sea of Ghosts (PS4 and PC): Another acclaimed mod that allows us to explore the waters beyond the north shore of Tamriel.
    • False (Xbox One and PC): Add a new area with more than 20 hours of content thanks to new missions, characters, dungeons …
    • Warzones 2015 Civil Unrest (PC): If you miss something more action in the civil war in which Skyrim is involved, this mod adds battlefields with great clashes between armies and new characters that give it an extra touch of challenge.
    • Wyrmstooth (Xbox One and PC): In this mod we are commissioned to kill a mysterious dragon that inhabits a new island north of Soledad.
    • Dragon Under Whiterun (PS4, Xbox One and PC): This mod adds a new mission that leads us to investigate a succulent treasure hidden under Carrera Blanca.
    • Forgotten Dungeons (PS4, Xbox One and PC): Add 44 new missions and 11 new dungeons to the game.
    • Become a Bard (Xbox One and PC): If you are tired of playing as a warrior, wizard or thief this mod adds a new option to play as a bard, but for real, allowing us to play instruments, sing …

    Mods to improve Skyrim without altering (too much) the original formula

    Sometimes we hesitate to install mods because they can change the creative vision of the original game too much, but the community is not always focused on creating crazy content or great aesthetic alterations to the games. On The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Specifically, we find a wide variety of mods that correct errors that the developers have overlooked, that modify the interface to make it clearer or that add slight graphic changes that renew its visual section adapting it to the new times.

    In this sense, one of the most recommended mods at a general level is Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch (PS4, Xbox One and PC), a package of improvements with which the community has solved some bugs and technical failures in a collaborative way, always in a safe way and designed to be compatible with the rest of the modifications. It is usually recommended by the hand of SkyUI (PC), a mod that changes the game’s interface for a completely renewed one designed specifically for computer players, as well as being compatible with the official Spanish translation of the game.

    Skyrim HD, one of the best Skyrim mods.

    With these two mods we will already have an adequate base to return to The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim in the most respectful way possible with the original, but if you also want give your graphic section a facelift (which has also turned 10 years old and that must be taken into account) you can download some of the following mods to improve the game in this regard without the original creative vision being altered:

    • Skyrim HD (PC): This pack of 2K resolution textures is the most downloaded by people who want to give the game a much more spectacular touch on computers.
    • Epic Enhanced Console Graphics V5 (PS4 and Xbox One): In console it is also possible to improve the graphic aspect at a general level thanks to this mod.
    • TB’s Improved Water (PS4, Xbox One and PC): These mods enhance the effects of the waters of rivers and seas of Skyrim.
    • Syrim Flora Overhaul (PC): Similar to the previous one, but focused on giving more leafiness to the plants and trees of Skyrim.
    • Skyrim @ 60 fps (PS5, Xbox Series X/S): If you play on new generation consoles you can remove the lock on the framerate for a much smoother experience.

    Besides all these mods, there are other creations that facilitate play for those who just want to give a quick visit to their departure from Skyrim or create a new one without dwelling too long on all that it entails. Creations like Free Crafting (PS4, Xbox One and PC), which allows us to manufacture anything without having to get materials, Faster Leveling (PS4, PC), to increase the rate at which we gain experience, Quick Start (PS4, PC), which removes that mythical opening scene we’ve seen so many times, or ALL Map Locations Discoveres (PS4), which, as its name indicates, reveals all the locations on the map. The most complete in this sense is Ultimate Player Stat (PS4, Xbox One and PC), a mod that unlocks absolutely everything in the game, from objects to abilities, and leaves us with an all-powerful character with whom we can simply travel through Skyrim at will, without worrying about anything else.

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