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One more! Konami Joins List of Companies Interested in NFTs | LevelUp

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Konami is a company that became known worldwide thanks to its efforts in the video game industry. This era is behind us; The Japanese company has reduced its efforts in video game development, but has managed to adapt to the changing times presented by each new era. Konami, keep looking into the future and in this vision you can see the NFTs.

Konami claims to have “the spirit and anticipation to understand the needs of the world”, so it always takes advantage of the trends of each era since its founding in 1969. The company shared a letter dedicated to investors, in which it thanked their support and She asked them to continue believing in her in order to make her goals a reality.

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In the statement, Konami President Kimihiko Higashio said that the company’s business will continue to expand along with the advancement of technology. Interestingly, the list of examples mentions artificial intelligence (AI), the 5G network, NFTs, and esports officially recognized as a sport event.

Clearly, what attracted the most attention are the NFTs, since it is one of the trends that have not been in the market for long and that sounds very attractive to companies due to its profitability, although it has not been to the liking of many gamers not only because it could be mixed with microtransactions (a practice not very well received in the industry), but also because it is based on speculation and is harmful to the environment.

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NFTs are shaping up to be part of the future of video games

According to the executive, Konami expects that “the market will be revitalized through new innovative ways to enjoy games”, among which is also the growing trend of digitization of content and online consumption, which has promoted subscription models and that has led to creating the conditions to improve profits.

Thus, the NFT trend has not only caught the attention of Konami, but also of many other global companies, such as SEGA, Square Enix, Ubisoft and even the giants Electronic Arts and Take-Two.

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That said, it appears that it only takes one attempt by these interested companies to take effect for the others to begin to carry out practices related to this new business. Thus, this trend could earn its place in the industry in large part by promoting the companies and not so many of the players, although ultimately they would be the ones who make this trend popular and profitable.

The above, however, does not mean that Konami is going to endeavor to do only NFT. The company has simply identified that NFTs could be one of the innovative ways to evolve the industry. We remind you that the company is still in the world of video games. The company last year published a new game, it has one more in development and months ago it partnered with the Bloober Team for a project. As a distributor it plans to bring games to more audiences, such as the promising CYGNI, which it will finance and support strongly.

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What do you think of NFTs? Do you think they will become the future of the industry? Tell us in the comments.

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