Saturday, December 3

One Military Camp: Management, Strategy, Business and War • Console and Dashboard

Abylight Barcelona and Abylight Studios work on One Military Camp, a combination of management, strategy, business and war. It will be during 2022 when it reaches PC.


Design and manage a military camp. It is the essence around this proposal, which has the ultimate goal of winning the war. The road will not be easy, since life there will not be, especially, idyllic.

A profitable and efficient academy must bet on a good diet and a correct rest. The layout of the buildings will determine the training of physical skills and tactics. It will be vitally important to choose the best soldiers and turn them into professionals through all kinds of training.

Once we know the attributes of each one, we can guide them towards their specialty. Defuse bombs? By completing missions, we will make money. We will need it, as maintaining and training soldiers is expensive. Constant work will help when it comes to getting a profitable business.

Upgrading buildings will result in more efficient training to create strong soldiers. With them, missions can be better tackled. Each one will require specific soldiers, since warfare is constantly evolving. After all, divers will have little to do in a land battle.

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