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League of Legends: Arcane, Netflix animated series, is a worldwide success LevelUp

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League of Legends is a worldwide phenomenon whose success has its own chapter in the history of video games. After years at the top with a community that numbers millions of users and an eSports scene that is the largest in the world, Riot Games was ready to venture into new fields and one of them is that of series. The result of this idea is Arcane, an animated series that has already debuted on Netflix and that has honored the game that gives rise to it.

League of Legends: Arcane is breaking it on Netflix globally

On November 6, Arcane debuted on Netflix as part of a worldwide presentation that gave an account of how big the franchise has become and the power and influence that Riot Games has after these years. As expected, the expectation of millions of fans was such that without hesitation they would focus their attention on the digital platform and the results have not been long in coming. According to information from the Twitter account League Charts, dedicated to relevant data from League of Legends, the animated series debuted in first place out of 38 countries.

In the same way, Arcane debuted in the Top 5 of Netflix programming in 38 other nations and ranks in the Top 10 of 8 other countries.

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Arcane debuted on Netflix with 3 episodes that tell the story of tension between the inhabitants of the cities Piltover and Zaun, both from Runeterra and the divisions and mixed feelings as a result of this that will lead you to learn more about champions of LoL like Vi, Jinx, Caitlyn, Jayce and Viktor.

On November 13, another 3 episodes of Arcane, so you can’t miss them.

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