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Judge orders changes in the App Store in favor of the developers’ business | LevelUp

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Although Epic Games failed to get Apple to burn into legal hell after the dispute that started with an unexpected move regarding the ways to buy PaVos in Fortnite, the trial concluded with an important change for the apple company. However, until a few hours ago, Apple was reluctant to apply any modification in the App Store, implying that if it was not legally ordered it would not do so. Well, the judge who conducted the trial has already given the order for this to happen.

Apple should allow devs to include links and buttons to their own payment sites

A few hours ago and after a hearing held before representatives of Apple and Epic Games, Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers ordered that as of December 9, Apple must allow developers to include links and buttons to sites where they can be taken carry out purchase operations of their respective applications. What does this mean? That as of the indicated date, the application and game sites in the App Store will maintain the traditional form of payment, but now developers will be able to put links to sites where the user can pay without doing so on the Apple platform.

The order was not well received by the Cupertino, California company, because according to its legal representative Mark Perry, doing something like this in the App Store is very difficult for them: “this will be the first time that Apple allows links to another application for digital content. It will take months to solve the engineering, financial, business and other problems. It is extremely complicated. There have to be limits and guidelines to protect children, developers, consumers and to protect Apple. “

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The decision of Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers has been considered a victory for Epic Games, as it is the result of the legal lawsuit initiated by the company of Fortnite. Although it is not breaking with the order established by Apple in the App Store, it is an advance since developers will be able to opt for other forms of business that, perhaps, are more favorable than the deal they have with Apple.

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