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Hideki Kamiya hopes to make Okami sequel one day

Platinum Games director Hideki Kamiya is hoping to make a full sequel to one of his previous Capcom projects, Okami.

One of Capcom’s many cult classics is the mythology-inspired Japanese adventure. Okami. It had a striking and beautiful art style, along with a unique story and a memorable set of gameplay mechanics. Despite the game’s poor sales, a devoted fan base who loved these aspects gradually built up, making it a standout game and one of the company’s most experimental titles. It has been ported to many modern consoles, with the Switch getting a remastered port of Okami also a few years ago. Some fans wish that a sequel could be made to this classic game, a sentiment shared by its director, Hideki Kamiya.

Kamiya was a former Capcom employee, working as a game developer at the now-defunct Clover Studio. He is known by many fans as the face of Platinum Games and a pioneer of some incredible action titles, as he is a director of games like Bayonetta. He is also one of the most outspoken directors in the industry, not afraid to voice his opinion on various aspects of the industry or turn off fans who annoy him. This includes opening up about your experiences working on past games like Okamiand chances of a sequel.

Kamiya was interviewed by the YouTube channel Cutscenes, in a series of documentary-style videos that talk about his career and the games he directed. The last video was about Okami, revealing the origins of the game, which come from Kamiya prefecture itself which was surrounded by the beauty of nature. This even led him to prototype the game as a farming simulator, but he didn’t find it much fun. This eventually led him and his team to think about the game’s unique brush-style mechanics and the eventual playstyle fans are familiar with today.

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One of the last questions asked was about a sequel to Okami, and Kamiya provided some in-depth comments on why one hasn’t been done yet. The first one is that some elements of the original were left open for the sequel as some were ideas that couldn’t be implemented in time due to a scheduling or system limitation. As such, some of the mechanics of the story and Celestial Brush could be taken further in a sequel. However, despite Okami’s critical success, sales at launch were not very good.

Kamiya later noted that the game sold much better thanks to the HD remasters, which helped increase the player base and allow more people to enjoy. Okami. This prompted fans to ask if Okami would have a sequel, to which he replied “the more I see them, the more I feel like this is a job I left unfinished.” He then explained that he wants to make that sequel come true one day.

Okami HD It is available now for PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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