Sunday, December 4

Goodbye to YouTube ‘dislikes’: The platform eliminates this usual method of protest

YouTube has announced in his official blog that as of today begin to make profound changes in its video rating system, the most prominent being that from now on the negative vote count is no longer public. The button of dislike, widely used by the gamer community to protest unpopular ads and decisions, continue to appear on the platform, but the count will disappear and will only be visible by the person or company that published the video.

According to YouTube, with this decision they want to stop the waves of harassment above all on smaller channels, which according to their study are the most affected by the dislikes massive. In the video game industry, the negative vote has always had a protest aspect: the community often uses this option to mark that a game, event or decision is not to their liking, as we have seen in recent cases such as the announcement of Tom Clancy’s XDefiant (with 30,000 negative votes), el ltimo State of Play Sony (almost 30,000 negative votes), the Introducing Nintendo Switch + Expansion Pack (more than 173,500 negative votes).

The button does not disappear, but the count becomes private

Already in March of this year We told you that YouTube began to test a design that precisely hid the amount of dislikes of the videos: this decision is the fruit of that test. The company ensures that users are less likely to downvote a video if they don’t see that other people have clicked the button of ‘I don’t like it’, which is why they have opted to eliminate this public recount and nip the trends of massive negative votes in certain videos in the bud.

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Disappear the ‘dislike’ button from YouTube? No. That button will continue to be there and we will be able to continue pressing it when a video is not to our liking, so that the platform will continue to take it into account to stop showing us similar content. The only thing that changes is that the count becomes private: only creators will be able to see it, so now we will have to understand the button dislike as a way of giving feedback to the youtubers and company privately.

At the moment this measure has not been applied, start doing it from today. In the meantime, the video in which the change was announced already has almost 2000 negative votes compared to the more than 3000 positives.

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