Wednesday, December 7

Forza Horizon 5 surpasses 4.5 million players at launch, the best of XGS

Forza Horizon 5, now on sale on Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and PC, has surpassed the barrier of 4.5 million players at its launch. The news has been announced by Phil Spencer where he thanks the support of the players and congratulates Playground, the developer. It also breaks a record for being the best pitch in a Microsoft game.

“We’ve invested in Xbox for years so more people can play games. With more than 4.5 million gamers on PC, cloud, and consoles, Forza Horizon 5 shows that this promise comes true. It is the largest release for an Xbox Game Studios game, with a peak of simultaneous players that triples that of Forza Horizon 4Spencer said on Twitter.

In the first hours he had surpassed 3 million players and According to Steam, up to 70,726 simultaneous players have been achieved. Obviously most of the players are on the Xbox Game Pass subscription, where it debuted like other Microsoft releases.

An outstanding game

Forza Horizon 5 is one of the best driving arcades you can find “, we have in the analysis. “In certain aspects, such as its incredible and diverse open world, its much improved progression system, the adaptability to the tastes of each player of the overall experience, the variety of options for online play, the deep EventLabs content, and its spectacular audiovisual section, is the best title that the British Playground Games have cooked up “.

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The study wants that in the social part “you will never perceive that people are exhibiting problematic behaviors, where you never get to a point where you really want to go out [del modo online] or put the game for one player. The philosophy is that hopefully none of the other players will do something or have the opportunity to do something that puts you in that attitude. It’s friendly, welcoming, and frictionless“.

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