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El spin-off Hextech Mayhem de League of Legends llega a Nintendo Switch

Riot Forge announces Hextech Mayhem, an explosive beat-based runner starring Ziggs from League of Legends, coming to Nintendo Switch.

The Riot Forge announcement during the League of LegendsThe 10th anniversary was a point of excitement for many fans. The initiative that allows third parties to develop games based on the universe of the popular MOBA was quickly followed by the revelations of several games in development, including the upcoming Ruined King: A League of Legends Story. Now, Riot Games and Bit.Trip Developer Choice Provisions has teamed up to put their own spin on one of the game’s most iconic characters.

Since the game’s 10th anniversary celebration in 2019, League of Legends has seen the reveals of several new titles based within its universe, both developed by Riot and by third parties. Along with third party games like Ruined king, Riot Games has released several new titles, including the card game. Legends of Runeterra, tactical shooter Valuingand even the long-awaited mobile version of League of Legends, Wild rift. Now, Riot Forge’s newest title carries Leaguepopular Ziggs and launches it into a rhythmic rampage on the Switch.

Riot Forge announced through its official YouTube channel that Hextech Mayhem: una historia de League of Legends would arrive on Switch later this month. The game developed by Choice Provisions will star League of Legends‘Ziggs in a runner based on the pace similar to that of the developer Bit.Trip series while wreaking havoc in the town of Piltover. The game will launch early next week on November 16 for Switch, PC, and the Netflix Games mobile app. Players who pre-order will also receive an in-game Ruined Ziggs skin, based on the Ruination story from League.

The announcement of Hextech Chaos it’s in particular the first news fans have heard from Riot Forge in several months. Riot Forge’s official Twitter account had not been posted since December 2020 and the division’s YouTube channel had been similarly down, with the most recent video on the channel being the Ruined king trailer released the same month. Convergence: A League of Legends Story, Riot Forge’s other premiere title announced alongside Ruined king, has been absent from developer announcements.

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Hextech ChaosThe focus on Piltover, as the game’s setting is the newest in a recent series of Riot promotions around the world of Runeterra’s “City of Progress.” Piltover is the main stage of the newly released Arcane, Riot’s first animated series to follow the story of Caitlyn, Vi, and Jinx along with several other popular characters from League of Legends. Riot has been promoting heavily Arcanedebut, even collaborating with other games like PUBG and Fortnite for the first time in Leaguetwelve years of history. Hextech Chaos looks like it will add another wild and explosive ride to the world of League of Legends.

Hextech Mayhem: una historia de League of Legends It will be released on November 16 for PC, Switch and Netflix games.

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