Saturday, December 3

EA Sports is already working on a new Fight Night, but its development would have been paralyzed

Sources close to EA Canada they have assured VGC that the company already works in a new installment of Fight Night, the successful boxing franchise from Electronic Arts. Apparently, the development of this new title is already at an early stage, but would have been paralyzed while progressing in the creation of UFC 5, another fighting game that EA Sports plans to release by the end of next year.

According to these sources, the project is known internally as ‘Moneyball’ and the reasons that have led to paralyzing its development will be related to not wanting to divide those responsible for development into two such similar projects. VGC has had access to a internal email that EA Canada would have sent to the entire studio to explain the hiatus of the new Fight Night: “We are very excited about UFC 5 and we want to remove the divided approach that various members of our leadership team have had in the past so that we can focus solely on delivering migration and UFC 5 high quality”.

Is this the “much loved saga” that Electronic Arts intends to recover?

From the specialized media they have contacted Electronic Arts to be able to corroborate if this information about a new Fight Night they are correct or not, but the company has not wanted to issue statements embracing its policy of not responding to rumors and speculation. Although it is unofficial information that we cannot take for granted, the truth is that recently there have been rumors that the company intends to recover a much loved saga, something that fits with the return of the boxing series.

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The last set of Fight Night, Fight Night Champion, was released in 2011 for PS3 and Xbox 360. Previously, Fight Night Round 4 and Fight Night Round 3 were released in 2009 and 2006 respectively, both also very well received by critics and the public.

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