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Dead by Daylight: Portrait of a Murder will bring 2 Latino characters to the game | LevelUp

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Behavior Interative does not stop working on Dead by Daylight. It seemed that the developer had announced everything new for the game last October, but it was not like that, because apart from the DLC of Resident Evil and Silent Hill He was working on a new chapter that has just been announced that will bring 2 new original characters to the game.

After some leaks, the study in charge of the multiplayer online survival horror title officially revealed that the new chapter that is on the way is Portrait of a Murder. This new content will return to the original model of the series, as it will offer content that is not based on series or movies of the genre, but that the story and lore is completely original, as well as the killer or murderer, the survivor and the map that it will present.

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Meet the killer, the map and the survivor of Portrait of a Murder

According to the press release, Portrait of a Murder it is “an artistic ode to fear and darkness that takes place in a surreal rendition of an abandoned cemetery in the Chilean desert.” Interestingly, both new characters will have Latin American roots.

The murderer on this occasion is a Chilean woman named Carmina Mora, who in the game will also be known by the nickname The Artist. This girl was an artist who was about to kill herself when she had a supernatural encounter with a flock of crows, which caused her to transform her dark and surreal ink art into a more striking one, which she used to criticize local corruptions. Unfortunately, this cost her her freedom and along with her friends she was mistreated, but before she died a flock of crows attacked her assailants and her friends and it was then that the Entity (character behind the game’s narrative) took her to the universe of Dead by Daylight. This story can be seen in the characteristics of The Artist, whose arms are threadlike structures of ink, which can transform to attack survivors and turn them into food for their crows.

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In this new chapter, the Entity will also bring into the game Jonah Vasquez, a Mexican-American survivor who worked as a decryptor for the CIA, which helped him to be very adept at unraveling secrets. A strange numerical sequence had followed him from his youth, they were actually a prophecy that would take him to the Chilean desert at the precise moment the Entity picked him up to transport him to another plane.

This mysterious desert will be part of the game, it will be precisely the location of the cemetery that we told you about in the story of The Artist, which in the game will be called The Forsaken Boneyard. You can take a look at the map in the reveal trailer below.

Dead by Daylight finally coming to the Epic Games Store

As on other occasions, this content is already available, but only through the Player Test Build, which is a playable version for users of the Steam edition on PC and which is used for players to try it out and give their opinions to the players. developers. The official launch on PC and consoles is expected to occur sometime this month and will be priced at $ 6.99 on PC and $ 7.99 on consoles.

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The announcements don’t end there, as Behavior Interactive also revealed that Dead by Daylight It will hit the Epic Games Store on PC sometime in November. With this, players will be able to get the editions and all the content that the game has already received on other platforms, as well as the DLC packs available at the time of the next release.

Best of all, the Epic Games Store will offer shared progression and cross-play, so you can play on console, Steam, the Epic Games platform and even Google STADIA with users of different systems and keep your save files. You must bear in mind that for this to be possible you will have to do it through a Behavior account.

What do you think of the new chapter? Tell us in the comments.

Dead by Daylight is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, Nintendo Switch, PC, mobiles and Google STADIA. You can find more news related to him if you visit this page.

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