Wednesday, December 7

Dark Souls receives an incredible mod that allows you to use Halo’s weapons

Dark Souls with weapons of Halo? Probably the crossover most unexpected in history, although no less striking. As it comes to us from Kotaku, a skilled mud Has got deploy a wide range of fully functional weapons that we can find in the science fiction saga starring the Master Chief in Dark Souls. As we highlight, this wide range of weapons has been implemented in the FromSoftware title with mechanics and animations totally untouched and designed for the occasion. You can take a look at the use of weapons and their variety in the video titled Dark Souls Except It’s Incredibly Cursed.

As you could have seen in the video, each weapon has its own custom animations and the end result is so good – in the absence of a few details to polish – that it almost looks like mechanics originally implemented in the game. As highlighted in the aforementioned medium, the mud InfernoPlus has put a lot of effort into this mod, learning how to animate our character and designed more than 100 completely new animations. In short, the user has not replaced the current weapons in the base game with skins weapons of Halo, but has completely designed a third person shooting system with each and every one of them.

Using weapons in combat consumes the stamina bar

The funny thing about this mod is that, in addition to implementing all these systems, it adapts to the original gameplay. That is to say, Shooting with guns consumes our green stamina bar, exactly the same as if we were using the original weapons of the game. That’s right, the weapons of Halo They give us a clear advantage over normal enemies and final bosses for the simple fact that we can shoot at them from very far distances, something that can break the foundations of the gameplay designed for the title, although it is still a very curious and fun mod.

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