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Comic villains who could be in the MCU Fantastic Four

The FF have more enemies than just Doctor Doom – here are just a handful that could appear in the next Jon Watts adaptation.

Marvel’s iconic first family, the Fantastic Four, have battled a host of memorable foes throughout their 60-year comic history, from alien invaders to criminal minds to extra-dimensional monsters. However, you will be forgiven for not knowing that based on your previous film depictions.

Of the past three Fantastic four films (four including the unreleased 1994 film directed by Roger Corman), all three have featured Doctor Doom as the main antagonist, with El ascenso del Silver Surfer briefly with a very disappointing rendering of Galactus. And while Doom and Galactus are absolutely iconic characters who could become some of the greatest villains in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, they both deserve to be built on multiple inputs like Thanos or Kang – a debut movie for the new FF already has four leads to set. . and develop, so your main baddie should probably be straightforward. Fortunately, there are already plenty of villains from the comics who would make a perfect antagonist for the next Jon Watts-directed movie. Fantastic four, coming soon to the MCU.

Known as “the walking undead,” the insectoid tyrant Annihilus is one of FF’s most terrifying foes. He rules the antimatter dimension known as the Negative Zone, and commands an army of insect-like monsters called the Wave of Annihilation. Driven by paranoia, he is obsessed with ending all existing life to preserve his own life, and he almost comes close in a beloved comic story called Annihilation, starring Thanos, Silver Surfer, Nova, Star-Lord, and Drax. Annihilus is a simple yet menacing foe that would make a perfect foe for FF’s MCU debut.

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Another type of “what you see is what you get” villain, Mole Man was the first enemy that FF faced. He is a scientist who discovered the underground kingdom of Subterranea, inhabited by monsters of all shapes and sizes. Using technology created by the Deviants, the Mole Man turned the monsters into his personal army, becoming the ruler of Subterranea and declaring war on the surface world. While the Mole Man himself is not overly imposing, his monstrous legion would be quite a spectacular threat. Plus, an added fun fact: Mole Man was the inspiration for the Underminer from The Incredibles.

Walking the line between cheesy and creepy, this classic villain has the power to control anyone by creating a puppet in his image. His mind control machinations have even turned the FFs into one another, making him a thematically appropriate villain for a story about a family supporting each other through adversity. Additionally, he is the father of The Thing’s love interest Alicia Masters, which gives him an important connection to the supporting cast of FF.

The Mad Thinker is an archetypal mad scientist, as unhinged as he is power-hungry. He is an intriguing master strategist, but is best known for creating the Awesome Android, a battle robot that can mimic the powers of his opponents. Not only would Mad Thinker be an intellectual rival to Mr. Fantastic, but his Awesome Android would also be a formidable threat to the entire team.

This villain is a little dumber, but no less memorable for it. In the comics, Ivan Kragoff was a Soviet scientist who replicated the incident that gave the FF their cosmic powers, except that his crew consisted of trained apes rather than humans. And so the Red Ghost and his Super-Monkeys were born: Mikhlo the super strong gorilla, Peotr the magnetic orangutan and Igor the shape-shifting baboon. Kragoff himself gained the power to become invisible and intangible, hence the name. An evil cosmonaut with a team of superpowered apes is definitely an unconventional choice for a villain, but it’s no stranger than anything the MCU has done before.

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In the comics, the being known only as Psycho-Man is the despotic ruler of the Microverse, better known in the MCU as the Quantum Realm, who wishes to expand his empire to the wider universe. He uses a device known as the Control-Box to induce fear, doubt, and hatred within humans, bending them at will in his plans of conquest. In one memorable story, he even managed to brainwash the Invisible Woman, transforming her into the powerful villain named Malice. Psycho-Man’s connections to an established part of the MCU lore make him a natural candidate for adaptation, not to mention the potential threat his mind control powers pose.

Once a shy lab technician, Owen Reece’s life changed forever when he accidentally used a particle accelerator to open a rift in space and time, granting him the power of the cosmic being known as Beyonder. Initially, he could only manipulate molecules of inorganic matter (hence his name), but over time he learned to control all molecules, giving him almost unlimited power to reshape reality as he saw fit. It goes without saying that Molecule Man is a major player in the Marvel multiverse, with deep connections to iconic stories like Secret Wars. His overwhelming power and complex, troublesome personality would make him a truly compelling addition to the MCU.

Kl’rt, better known as Super-Skrull, is perhaps the most famous character on this list, but also potentially the most difficult to adapt for FF’s MCU debut. In the comics, he is a Skrull soldier given the powers of the Fantastic Four to conquer Earth for the Skrull Empire. But as seen in Captain Marvel, the Skrulls of the MCU are not ruthless imperialists, but helpless victims of the Kree. But with the Secret invasion TV series on the horizon, it’s very possible that the Skrulls will be taking on an antagonistic role in no time, perhaps in the form of a breakaway group of villains. And if that’s the case, there is no Skrull villain more famous than the Super-Skrull himself. It’s quite possible that Kl’rt will adapt to the MCU as soon as Secret invasion, which would perfectly set him up to be Jon Watts’ main antagonist Fantastic four.

But of course, there is currently no information on the story or cast of the next film, much less who will be the main villain. Potentially, it could be any of these baddies from the comics, or even someone else. But it doesn’t matter who ends up being Jon Watts’s main antagonist. Fantastic four, it will be exciting to see more of FF’s rogues gallery come to life on the big screen.

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