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Christina Aguilera and Brie Larson Team Up with Nintendo to Promote the Switch | LevelUp

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As well as having a large catalog of video game franchises, Nintendo also has a strong marketing force to enhance the reach of its products. The company on many occasions has teamed up with great celebrities to promote their games and now it has done it again with 2 beautiful famous women.

The end of the year shopping season is just around the corner and video game companies are the ones who benefit the most, so they have already started promoting the Nintendo Switch and its games.

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Brie Larson reaffirms her love for Metroid in new commercial

One of them is Nintendo, which today launched 2 new commercials. The first one stars talented actress, director, and YouTuber Brie Larson (Captain Marvel, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World).

The also American model and screenwriter has spoken on multiple occasions about her love for Metroid and even on occasion he dressed as Zero Suit Samus. Well, Larson partnered with Nintendo again to launch a new commercial in which he is seen playing Metroid Dread on the new Nintendo Switch OLED and reaffirming her love for the series, whose protagonist has accompanied her in all the installments of Super Smash Bros., which has motivated her and has become her favorite character for being a strong space warrior with character.

We remind you that just around this time last year, Nintendo and Brie Larson also joined forces to promote the Nintendo Switch with a commercial.

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In case you missed it: advertising of Mertoid Dread adorned the streets of Mexico.

Christina Aguilera uses the Nintendo Switch to spend time with her family in this ad

That’s not all, Nintendo also collaborated with Christina Aguilera to launch a promotional for Nintendo Switch. The video shows how the talented singer, actress and songwriter takes advantage of the Nintendo console to live with her children with Super Mario 3D World + Bowsers Fury, Animal Crossing: New Horizons and Big Brain Academy: Brain Vs. Brain.

Something interesting is that there is a reference to Metal Gear hidden in the Christina Aguilera commercial. If you are a fan of the Konami franchise, you surely identified it. During her trip by car, the artist receives a call and the curious thing is that the bell of her cell phone is the iconic bell of the codec, a transmission device of Metal Gear.

Another curious detail is that, unlike other recent commercial announcements, Christina Aguilera prefers to use other means of communication when playing Nintendo Switch rather than the poor voice chat offered by the Nintendo Switch Online.

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