Monday, December 5

Century: Age of Ashes will come to consoles and mobiles in 2022 • Console and Dashboard

Century: Age of Ashes, from Playwing Bordeaux, will be released on consoles and mobile phones in 2022. At the moment, it will arrive this year on PC, via Steam. The battle in the arena, in this case aerial, between one of the fantastic beings that produces the most admiration, the dragons, is about to begin.


With a total of 30 people in charge of development, it promises intense multiplayer air battles in which we will have to choose our class beforehand. As a rider, our dragon will have to be mastered.

Added to the skills and dexterity to fight, victory or defeat will come to us. Speed ​​is another aspect to take into account in its three modalities, and that is that these beasts go very fast in the sky.

The dragons customization it is presented as dynamic. It assumes that, as we progress and unlock elements, it increases. We can say that as of December 2, it will stop raining water, on PC, to start the rain of fire. A PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, iOS and Android will arrive in 2022, with no specific release date for now. You will opt for the free-to-play format, that is, for the free download.

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