Wednesday, December 7

Bautype: learning and creativity in a new game • Console and Board

Bautype is immersed in a financing search campaign in Verkami. It is presented as an educational project developed by Randomers, made up of letters and pieces of wood.


“A game based on typography”. This is how it is defined Bautype, proposal to learn the alphabet. It is not the only purpose, since with its cards and pieces, it will put creativity to the test. Inspiration will come from the hand of renowned artists, with their works.

Created by Eva Kaluzova, Xavi Alonso Junyent and Alberto Álvarez Villalba, it takes as a reference the classic Tangram. It consists of 54 pieces of wood in four colors, of different shapes and sizes. They are based on a typeface that is inspired by the Bauhaus. The mission will be to build letters and other shapes, making use of them.

The little ones will be introduced to the alphabet, in addition to developing creative thinking. The pieces are completed with 26 cards, related to letters, which refer to artists, concepts and works that share the initial letter.

They consist of replayable challenges, which require the use of the pieces or tasks such as drawing, reflection or debate. As pointed out by those responsible, the idea is that the game evolves with the age of the child.

Ecological and sustainable materials will be used for manufacturing, starting from local printing services. Its price during the campaign is 39 euros, in a reward that includes the game and shipping costs to the Peninsula. Among other rewards, we find keychains, printables and bags. The launch is scheduled for before Christmas.

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