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‘BatNey’ goes on the attack in Brazil … against Colombia




Brazil will be put, once again, in the hands of Neymar against Colombia. Or ‘BatNey’ to be more exact. The PSG crack surprised by appearing in the concentration of Brazil with a daring hairstyle in homage to Batman.

The former Barcelona player has taken flight after a difficult start: he has three goals and three assists in the eight Ligue 1 games he has played. That s, in the Champions League it has not yet been released.

Neymar’s spectacular celebration during a Brazil-Colombia

Their numbers with Brazil do not admit discussion … although there is always debate. Neymar accumulates 70 goals in 115 caps. Only Pel (77) scored more goals with the Seleao. He also fights for being the top scorer for Conmebol heading to Qatar 2022. Only the Bolivian Marcelo Moreno (8) improves his seven goals.

“He is our main player. He is my idol. Playing alongside him is something special”, Lucas Paquet indicates that he will try to supply the trident that, a priori, will form ‘Ney’, Raphinha and Gabigol.

He is our main player. It is my idol. Playing next to him is something special

Lucas Paquet

Ziga’s KO: “It was one of the worst moments of my career”

The ‘morbid’ as every time he plays against Colombia is served. In the memory remains the hard tackle of Ziga that fractured a vertebra and knocked him out in the quarterfinals of the 2014 World Cup. “It was one of the worst moments of my career.. I was trying to move my legs but I couldn’t, I didn’t have the strength to get up.He said: ‘I can’t, I don’t feel anything.’ And they took me to the nurse, “Neymar acknowledged in his documentary.

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The ‘war’ continued every time Brazil and Colombia meet with Neymar in the middle. The crack of PSG, at that time in Barcelona, He was sent off for a ‘riff-raffe’ with Pablo Armero in the group stage of the Copa America 2015 and suspended for four games.He will not play in the tournament again.

Colombia had no mercy with Neymar: Dvinson Snchez put him down with a billboard

Violence could be ‘cut off’ and was repeated in the quarterfinals of the Ro Games. Brazil beat Colombia (2-0) with a direct free-kick from Neymar. And it is that the fouls presided over the game. Until 22 there was in the first time that touched the limit of sportsmanship: there were elbows, stomps, kicks …

‘Vini’ be alternate

Real Madrid player Vinicius Jr., summoned at the last minute due to Firmino’s injury, takes the bench. In the previous match he only played 27 ‘in the victory over Venezuela (1-3). “You have to be patient. He needs time and a suitable environment to assert himself in the national team, just as he did in Madrid”, Tite asserts.

You have to be patient. He needs time and a suitable environment to establish himself in the national team, just as he did in Madrid

Tite, Brazil coach

In Colombia it is newsupon the return of James Rodriguez … but Falcao leads the casualty chapter.

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