Sunday, December 4

Among Us launches Roles and Cosmicube Update

Among Us releases the huge Roles and Cosmicube Update, adding a wide range of highly-requested features to the social deduction game.

The multiplayer social deduction game Among us was catapulted to incredible success during 2020. This surge in popularity gave it new life, and developer Innersloth just added a wide range of highly anticipated features as part of Among usRoles and Cosmicubes update.

Innersloth is a small independent studio, but they have worked hard to expand the game for fans. One facet of this expansion is the addition of new roles to the game, including three for the crewmates (scientists, engineers, and guardian angels) and one for the imposters known as shapeshifters.

Each of these new roles will bring new mechanics to Among us, as shown in a new trailer. Scientists will be able to check a portable vital signs panel to see the health of other crewmates, which can make it difficult for imposters to get away with hiding a murder. However, the panel has to be loaded, giving scientists a unique task. Engineers will be the first crewmates able to access the vents, allowing them to quickly travel across the map and potentially catch impostors by venting. The Guardian Angel role will be given to the first crewmate killed, allowing them to temporarily protect living Crewmates from harm, while the Shapeshifter role will allow Imposters to briefly disguise themselves as other Crewmates. .

The update also adds a Battle Pass-style progression system known as Cosmicubes that can be purchased from the Store and will give players unique rewards when activated. Only one Cosmicube can be activated at a time, but more than one can be purchased and stored for later and each Cosmicube has different paths available. As if that wasn’t enough to get the attention of fans, Among us It has also added a new currency known as Beans that can be earned through gameplay and that players can use to purchase new cosmetics. Achievements have also been added to Among us in this update, as are the visor cosmetics, dog tags, and bead linking.

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At the time of writing, it appears that Among us fans are excited about the new update. Several fans congratulated the trailer’s production values, while others expressed their excitement at the number of new features that have been added to the game at once. One user pointed out that catching someone venting will no longer be a sure sign of guilt, while another called Among usNew microtransactions are one of the best ways to execute in-game purchases.

Among us It’s available now on mobile devices, PC, and Switch, with the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X / S versions in development.

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