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All Tombs of the Fallen artifact locations in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

The Tombs of the Fallen in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla allow you to solve multiple puzzles to traverse a tomb and collect the various items of equipment from the Fallen Hero set. Each of the tombs has an artifact that you will have to find and bring back to the original, the Sanctum of Manius. These are all the locations of the artifacts in the Tomb of the Fallen.

You will be able to find them all after completing the respective tombs.

All Tombs of the Fallen artifact locations

Boudicca Artifact

The Boudicca artifact is probably the easiest. After completing this dungeon, you will be able to locate a hidden chamber in the final room hidden behind breakable boxes. Destroy them and you will find the artifact under a beam of light in the next room.

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Cassivellaunus Artifact

For this one, when you cross the bridge that overlooks the entire Tomb, continue to the other side. Once there, jump into the room where it is divided by a waterfall. Head to the bottom, where the waterfall is, and head to the furthest chamber filled with water. Dive into the water and the artifact will be there,

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Venutius Artifact

Venutius’ artifact can be easy to miss. After completing the Tomb, walk down the pipe to the other side of the chamber with the mastodon in it. But fall to the middle of the pipe. The hidden chamber room leading to the artifact will be protected by breakable ice.

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