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A video game company asked streamers for “nudes” and caused controversy | LevelUp

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Currently, it is normal for studios and publishers to contact influencers so that they can advertise a project. In most cases, companies only ask those people to live stream or upload a YouTube video of the game in exchange for early access or a copy. However, one publisher went too far by requesting suggestive photos from various female streamers.

We’re talking about Flynn’s Arcade, a small developer and publisher studio specializing in indie games that got caught up in a controversy a few days ago after it sent tacky emails to a couple of content creators.

Specifically, streamer Risshellala took to her Twitter account to reveal that she received an email invitation to test the independent video game. Lone McLonegan. However, at the end of the message we can read the following text: “We would love if you could try it before and as a favor, could you send us a little review / stream / tweet / dance of TikTok / send nudes or anything that fits better with your time and objective ”.

For those who do not know, the term “send nudes” is used on the internet to request suggestive photographs through private messages. Generally, it is an activity that involves a couple and, as expected, it is necessary to have a lot of confidence to carry it out.

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Thus, the email caused controversy on social media. While some users pointed out that it was only a joke, there were those who said that it was in bad taste and was not funny.

A short time later, another female streamer revealed that she received an identical invitation, while a male content creator remarked that she got the same email from the company, but that the “send nudes” part was not included.

Once the controversy started, the person responsible for sending the press releases used the official Flynn’s Arcade account to apologize. He acknowledged that what he did was wrong and unforgiving, while also asked not to link Sonomio Games, the developer responsible for Lone McLonegan, with the incident.

“I feel the offense caused to all those who received it, but especially to the developer studio of Lone McLonegan. They worked in the game for 4 years with a lot of love and effort and they do not deserve to be dragged into this controversy due to my bad work ”, reads the statement.

But tell us, what do you think of this controversy? Let us read you in the comments.

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